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Thanks for responding. The bit rate was taken in 96hz and I've been editing on 48hz projects. I'm not sure how much of an impact this will cause to the playback but the exported video is perfect. It only occurs during playback. Its as if the video is playing back seamless and the audio is choking. I am new to the audio side of things and just assumed it would be better quality and never thought it could turn into a nightmare like this. If I need to make everything 48 hz in the future to avoid this situation (if thats the culprit) then I will gladly.

Hello everyone. I'm new to your forum and have been experiencing a problem with the latest version of FCP 10.4.7 In a nutshell, this issues only began "after" updating the program last year from an older version (can't remember which version) and has about crippled my ability to complete projects. Here is the issue Im experiencing. Everywhere I make a cut in an audio track which includes narration as well as on-screen audio, a loud pop occurs when the play head passes the cut making the audio track get unaligned with the video track. I realize in some cases small pops may occur naturally when theres a drastic levels change however this is completely different. The audio and video being used with the newer version is the exact same as was being used in a previous version of FCP for 2 years with absolutely no issues whatsoever. This leads me to think my workflow and file types are not causing the problem. The more cuts made to the audio, the further the audio starts to lag behind the video to the point I can't even edit to it any longer. When it first began to occur, I thought maybe I was experiencing a failing hard drive so I completely copied the project I was working on at the time to a 3TB SSD and and the issue was still there. I then thought maybe the issue was in the computer itself (2014 Mac Pro) like it was possibly experiencing issues with the graphics card or some other internal problem. After multiple trips to the Apple store to try and troubleshoot the computer itself, no one in the place could figure out what the heck was happening and causing the issue. After it was all said and done, I eventually threw my hands up and decided to scrap the entire system and upgrade to something faster so I bought a brand new 10 CORE IMAC PRO with literally every single upgrade Apple offered on their site except going to the optional 18 core version. Theres 64GRAM and the fastest graphics card in this thing and it literally smokes when rendering and moving files around.. Long story short, I decided to try and work straight off the internal SSD (4TB) just to see if I could successfully complete an entire project without this same issue happening and about 3/4 the way through it......HERE WE GO AGAIN! I've done everything under the sun to figure out whats happening and for the life of me, I'm at a complete loss. The files Im running are mainly 1080 pro res HQ or 4k H264 and the audio being used are standard wav files taken with a ZOOM H6 recorder. This computer should have absolutely zero problem keeping up with anything I throw at it speed wise so thats why I'm leaning towards it being one of two thing....something wrong with "this" particular version of FCPX or a combination of this version and the latest OS Catalina from apple. I had to update the OS the same time I went to a later version of FCP. Any help from someone smarter than me (thats not very difficult) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chris