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Kenny Millar replied to the topic 'Breaking the magnetic timeline' in the forum. 5 months ago

Thanks! That makes sense.
I eventually achieved the same result by scaling / positioning / cropping.
But moving the tracks into the right order makes more sense - I'll do that in future.


Kenny Millar created a new topic ' Breaking the magnetic timeline' in the forum. 5 months ago

I'm FCPX to pull together some video which was recorded in seprate homes, due to the social distancing lockdown.
I have the screen laid out with one main background source, and three or four smaller "windows" across the bottom. Like this:

And my timeline looks like this:

From time to time I will want to swap the background source, for one of the thumbnails, and vice-versa.
But if I blade (cut) a track and try to drag it below another track, so that their z-positions are swapped, the bottom track just moves down too. (Magnetic timeline?)

So, how would you suggest I can make this kind of edit?
Hope I have made sense!