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Tony Laughton created a new topic ' 10 track mono, how do I assign 1st 6 to surround' in the forum. 7 months ago

I have a 10 track ProRes feature supplied by a studio and I need to add to a timeline the first 6 tracks as surround. When I import the file my only audio options are 10 mono or 5 stereo. How can I ignore tracks 7 to 10 and group the first 6 as a surround L,R,C,Lfe,Ls,Rs
Turning off 7 to 10 does nothing the change the options.Dropping into a surround timeline with 7-10 off just makes all tracks into centre.
Am I missing something basic here?

[File Attachment: ScreenShot2020-02-10at9.03.21am.png]

Thanks in advance

Tony Laughton replied to the topic 'Outputting Discrete Audio tracks in FCPX' in the forum. 2 years ago

This was the closest topic i could find to my question.

If I have a 10 track ProRes supplied to me of a feature and tracks 1 6 I know are the 5.1 but they have nat been named in QT. When I import into FCPX it just sees 10 mono tracks. How can I tell it which are the 5.1. There are not the normal option you get if you bring in say 6 tracks and it suggests 5.1 and stereo.

I need to drop the 5.1 into a timeline and edit. I've not managed to work it out.


Tony Laughton created a new topic ' Missing files on import' in the forum. 7 years ago

I'm new to FCPX , deciding to finally move from FCP7. I have the most basic issue and I am either doing something really stupid or my system is not working.
When I import a file, lets say an existing ProRes file, or any other file. I get a missing file error.
I have the file on the SAN, When I import and leave in place and it won't see the file, even though when I select the file in the media import window I can view it and scrub it.

See attached screen image.

Any suggestions?


Tony Laughton and {target} are now friends 9 years ago

Not liking FCPX... so far.