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I have a late 2012 iMac with 3.4 GHz Intel core i7, 32 GB ram and 3.12 TB fusion drive fitted.

I import HD footage into a scratch folder on my internal hard drive and create and edit using the internal fusion drives of the SSD and Hard drive so the libraries, events, original footage etc. stay on my iMacs internal hard drive storage.

Once my edit is finished I export to a Quicktime movie, copy to another external SSD drive and take it to the office, transfer it and pick up new footage to edit.

The old school of thought with non-linear editing was if you edited on the computers internal drives then it should perform better and perhaps a little quicker.

My question is this...

I read a comment recently from Ronny stating that in his opinion it is NOT best to edit internally if you are using a fusion drive set up on your Mac?

Could Ronny or anyone please explain this to me in further detail.

I also have one Thunderbolt and another USB3 external drive that I can use and did use in the early days until someone told me I should edit internally but this information now seems to be have been wrong?

I am having troubles with the Mavericks OS but now I wonder if this may be also playing a part.

Thanks guys, looking forward to your comments.


Jeff Fulton created a new topic ' www.videoblocks.com' in the forum. 7 years ago

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I stumbled across this site recently that I had to share with my fellow FCP users.

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This is NOT free but I have to say out of all the 'plugins' that I have paid for in the last couple of years this is the Best Quality and Value for money that I have ever paid for.

It cost me $99 dollars for a years subscription (Top value) and it's worth every cent - They really are that good!

P.S. "I have nothing to do with this company except that I have become a fan from using their product in association with our 1080P footage and they often outshine.

Check them out, It's worth it.


Merry Christmas to all.