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Jose Israel Rivas created a new topic ' Can't play Blu-ray from FCPX' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I have this issue: After finishing my project, when I share to Blu-Ray to file or burn a Blu-ray Disc, they won't play in the Blu-Ray Player (software) on the Mac.
Any advice? or solution? thanks in advice.
High Sierra
FCPX 10.4.4

Jose Israel Rivas replied to the topic 'Pixelmator On Sale' in the forum. 5 years ago

I didn't like the interface, sometimes gets sluggish, no pen for selections (paths) very buggy, changed for Affinity Photo Beta.

You're right!
Thank you Bobbyco I'll do those suggestions you've give me as an step by step gide! thanks for the time you've spend on write to me. B)

I know that! but my wallet now it's starving, I love the T'bolt design, over the iMacs (which I don't like it's design at all) But for me isn't an option because it's expensive price, thank you!

Thank you Bobbyco, I thing, for the moment, that that is the better option I have before the others.
The USB adapter (USB->DVI or HDMI) it's about $60 dollars or maybe less, cheaper than the hub but I've read comments on the web saying is not as good as you (we) thing.
And really thinks for the advice on disconnect the external monitor on exporting media, thank you for all.

Hi, this is Israel from Puebla, Pue. México.
I have a Macbook Pro mid 2012 @2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 256 SSD WITH ONE THUNDERBOLT PORT
and one Thunderbolt Lacie Rugged Hard Drive connected, I'd like to attach an external monitor for better color correction and I can't plug it because of the ports.
I'm in business for about 4 years, this Macbook is good for my job, (average 3-4 days editing for week, few animation in motion, etc.) I'm not interested in upgrade this hardware, but I need a bigger screen, what would you suggest for me?
Buy a new Macbook Pro in maybe 1-2 years? (and wait for the screen)
Buy an Thunderbolt Hub?
Maybe get an USB3 adapter?

Really I don't know what to do, of course money is always enough reason to take a decision, but this is my company and the only income I get.
I really appreciate an advice, thank you!

Hi! I'm trying to make a Paper Aiplane Transition on FCPX, as simple as the video A folds and creates an airplane and fly off to reveal video B. Can... Show more

Jose Israel Rivas created a new topic ' DVD Burner for Mac Mini' in the forum. 7 years ago

Hi, this is Israel from Puebla, México.
I've recently changed my C2D MBP for a i5 Mac Mini, and the difference is huge, editing in FullHD, adding filters, etc.
The situation here is that the Mac Mini doesn't come with a DVD recording unit, my mainly job consists on social events, like weddings and other similar stuff and starting business on commercial videos. Most or the majority of the deliver are in DVDs, none of my clients has asked for Blu-Rays, none of them. The question is should I buy an Apple USB Superdrive (pros: only design, cons: no blu)? or get a Blu-ray Writer (Pros: blu burn, cons: non oriented Apple design, I haven't never burn (and I really don't know if I will) a Blu disc.
Which you suggest? thanks in advance...