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David Chai replied to the topic 'Highest version of FCPX in High Sierra?' in the forum. 1 month ago

I believe it is 10.4.6


If you burn a bluray disc out of FCPX, then you need to use the surround audio configuration on the file. Otherwise the channel layout will most likely be incorrect. On delivering to your broadcaster or distributor, you need to use the Multichannel role output method. As long as the channels line up how they want then it's fine. You can check the resulting file by dragging it back into FCPX and seeing which waveforms show up where. And soloing or muting the channels so you can hear the individual tracks.


Here is how you do proper multichannel export.
The key detail is the +3db level adjustment.

Do a test on a reference -20db audio stem and you will see if it's correct.

You have to do multichannel export with roles for each if you want to preserve a surround layout different to what FCPX uses which is from memory is LCRLsLsRs

You can export 16 channels of audio if you setup correctly. I suggest saving a 16 track or 8 track roles preset on th export page because it gets tedious manuallly assigning each time.

Why not run a virtual machine with an older version of MACOS? I use VMWARE FUSION and have older versions of osx for old software or printers that don't have updated drivers.

David Chai replied to the topic 'New Raid Array Choice' in the forum. 6 years ago

There's also the Areca Thunderbolt raid as well as the Highpoint Raid boxes. Both 8 drive units. My friend is using the Areca Thunderbolt array. I have used different highpoint PCIe raid cards (not the thunderbolt unit) and they are pretty solid.