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Sam replied to the topic 'cMP Dual GPU Tests' in the forum. 5 years ago

Thanks BenB,

I actually started one of those but it was specific to the BruceX Hardware test. I started a new thread here specifically dealing with the new announcements from Apple, regarding RED RAW and Send to compressor.

Hopefully all the folks who posted about their dual GPU setups can weigh in here! I've since moved on to a single R9 280X system and am considering doubling down on this GPU (and all the auxiliary PSU issues that go with it ;) if it seems worthwhile.


Sam thanks user 'BenB' in the forum message ' cMP Dual GPU Tests'. 5 years ago
Sam created a new topic ' cMP Dual GPU Tests' in the forum. 5 years ago

Hello gents,

Checking in regarding two items from the 10.2.1 release notes pertaining to Dual GPU systems:

"GPU-accelerated RED RAW processing with support for dual GPUs"

"GPU rendering when using Send To Compressor with support for dual GPUs"

Earlier versions of the release notes included the caveat of "in the new Mac Pro" anytime dual gpus were mentioned, whereas the 10.2.1 notes make no mention of the new Mac Pro.

Since many of us here still rely on our classic Mac Pros - trusty "Ole Ironsides" - I'm hoping to learn if anyone with a classic Mac Pro with dual matching GPUs can attest to performance improvements in the two areas noted to have received updates.

Specifically pertaining to RED RAW Processing and Send to Compressor Transcodes.

Many thanks in advance!

Sam created a new topic ' Multicam Clip Automatic Transcodes' in the forum. 6 years ago

Anyone know if there is a way to avoid automatically transcoding Multicam Clips?

Creating 4 stream Multicam clips from H.264 footage since it plays back fine, is this just a simple setting issue I can change somewhere? Or does FCPX need multicam clips to be ProRes no matter what?

Any insight much appreciated as always!

Hi There,

Searched for this in the FCPX forum but no results. Anyone know how to find the actual file created by FCPX when an audio and video clip is synchronized?

Synced a batch of clips for a friend who does not have FCPX so I can't just hand them a copy of my library.

When right clicking in FCPX upon the Synced clip, the option to "Reveal In Finder" is grayed out.

Any help much appreciated as always.

Cheers + Thanks

Recently ran into this while roundtripping from FCPX to Da Vinci Resolve and back again via XML.

While this is a fairly painless and impressive process, there are still many effects that Resolve cannot apply upon importing the XML Project/timeline from FCPX.

The goal here is to:

1) Temporarily remove - but save - ALL effects from a FCPX project/timeline.

2) Export a "clean" XML from FCPX to Resolve that has no effects, and hence results in an error free XML import into Resolve for grading.

3) Finish grade and export a project/timeline XML from Resolve to FCPX.

4) Apply ALL EFFECTS saved from step 1 to the color graded project in FCPX.

Theoretically the projects should all match each others regarding ins and outs, with the only change being the color grades applied to the clips generated by resolve.

Any ideas on how this might be accomplished? Perhaps (hopefully) I'm drastically overthinking this.

Many thanks as always.

Hello there,

Thanks in advance for any help and/or knowledge shared here. Have searched on fcp.co forums a bit for my topic but no luck, please point me in the right direction if this has been discussed elsewhere.

Current Gear Setup:

Office rig: Mac Pro 3,1 dual HD5770, 32 GB RAM, SSD Boot drive. Media residing on an 8 bay Raid 50 connected via MiniSAS.

Mobile Rig: Late 2013 rMBP Iris Pro GPU (no Discrete GPU, please don't kick me while I'm down... it's what I've got ;). Media residing on a G tech USB 3 non raid Single HDD.


About to start the edit for a music video (all material already shot on a Red Epic @ 4k UHD in varying frame rates) in FCPX, finish in Resolve Lite, and round trip back to FCPX. Have read extensively on the round trip FCPX - Da Vinci Resolve workflows, am clear on that.

Challenge: Work on FCPX using native .r3d media when able to work on cMP tower and miniSAS Raid 50, as well as edit on my rMBP using proxy files while on the road.

Certainly this is doable; I'm looking for a little clarification on how best to copy the library to the mobile drive, so that I will only create proxy media, rather than copy all of the original .r3d files. This is because, as I understand currently, the .r3d files will not play back properly on a laptop with a single USB 3 HDD as the media location (especially on a non dGPU rMBP).

Any pointers very much appreciated; here is my current plan:

1: Create the initial Library on the Raid 50, leaving the .r3d files external to the library, with no option selected for transcoding.

2: Copy the library to the mobile usb 3.0 HDD and select the option to transcode proxy files only.

Ultimately I would like to just be able to move the project file back and forth as needed to and from the mobile drive, using proxy media while on laptop and single HDD, then switching to native .r3d media while working on the tower.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this!

Sam created a new topic ' HD 7950 Mac Edition HDMI broadcast monitoring' in the forum. 6 years ago

Hi there,

Hoping to find a bit of info out from someone with a cMP and an actual (UNflashed) Mac Edition of the Sapphire 7950 GPU.

With the advent of FCPX 10.1, broadcast monitoring is now a built in feature for supported Macs. In my research it seems that the only supported macs are the nMP and any rMBP (to my knowledge all rMPB models have an HDMI port).

While considering the purchase of a 7950 it occurred to me that the HDMI port on the 7950 might also enable this built in broadcast monitoring over HDMI.

Anyone in a position to test this out and report back?

Thanks much in advance for your time!

Sam created a new topic ' Dual GPUs in old (Classic!) Mac Pros' in the forum. 7 years ago

Hi There,

Hoping to create a resource for folks still running FCPX on older 2006-2012 Mac Pros in the "classic" form factor.

This topic is inspired by Alex4D's BruceX benchmark, in which fcp.co member tpayton found that FCPX 10.1 will indeed utilize at least two GPUs in an older Mac Pro.

(Topic Link: www.fcp.co/forum/4-final-cut-pro-x-fcpx/...x-benchmark?start=80)

Here's hoping fcp.co users will use this topic to share any experiences with dual (or more, CUBIX anyone?) Graphics Cards in FCPX 10.1 and beyond for those of us looking to get some more life out of "Old Ironsides".

First Questions:

1) Is anyone aware of a Benchmark that will test specifically which functions are tied to a second, Auxiliary GPU?

2) If mixing two difference GPUs of different types, does it make sense to connect displays to the more powerful card or the less powerful card?

Thanks much for any information shared here and for taking the time to read this!