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Hi Forum,

I'd passed a FCPX Library (managed) to a friend on an external SSD (sandisk extreme 900) to finalise the edit.

Unfortunately, mistakenly the SSD was formatted as exFAT to be used on Window PC.

From your experience, any chance to recover the FCPX library, to restore a workable I'll be sending the SSD to data recovery service if I can't find any solution?

Any tips much appriciated,



Kazim Ayhanoglu replied to the topic 'Export as .mp4 container?' in the forum. 5 months ago

Thank you both for invaluable advice! It's incredibly helpful.

It seems that it's safer to stay, for the time being, in H.264 realm for delivery, probably 8bit output in order to keep file size smaller.
It was also interesting to know what the handbrake can do and Compressor can't:( :( :


Kazim Ayhanoglu replied to the topic 'Export as .mp4 container?' in the forum. 5 months ago

Hi Ronny,

Just to check, it's a different scenario though, my client wants .mp4 container for delivery. I use compressor:

  • Is HEVC a better option to get better results in quality and smaller file size?
    Can HEVC be wrapped into .mp4?
    What's the best data rate to choose from the compression setting if HEVC chosen for 1080p/720p delivery?

Many thanks for the support!


Kazim Ayhanoglu replied to the topic 'Multicam: avc1 codec or optimise needed for VFX?' in the forum. 6 months ago

iMac 27 5K (mid 2015) and MBPr mid 2012 on the go, Mojave 10.14.6 running on external portable SSD runs both machine, as for the project library and media they're on Promise Pegasus R4
the footages imported from CF, the camera Canon 7Dmk2 avc1 is in .mov container.

In the past, I'd always optimised the media imported from the camera above in the past and edited the 1080p projects with ProRes 422 codec blissfully and deliver the finals in 720p very clean and efficiently. But lately, due to constraints of space on the R4 and high volume of work, had to change the workflow started editing on avc1 clips straight without optimising. Although the hardware set up as it is overly sufficient, I keep having above issues reflected not just on playback but in master files and final delivery. It sounds a bit bizarre, found no solution yet. :(

Kazim Ayhanoglu replied to the topic 'Multicam: avc1 codec or optimise needed for VFX?' in the forum. 6 months ago

So, have you tested output yet? What FX exactly are you using?

I use a lot stabilize FX, optical flow, compositing, motion FX plugins and audio FX. Had some degraded, noticeable choppiness or lack of smooth results, particularly on the section of the clips where stabilize FX, optical flow, speed ramp FX applied.

In contrast to above where no FX applied, the avc1 clips behaved fairly fine when used in the multicam or even in complex compound clips.

Is it to do with smooth frame based edit where optimised ProRes make it possible for clean output or render better results when transcode the master projects in compressor?

FYI, I'd no issues before when offloading the footage direct from CF cards with optimized option ticked. I wish all high end DSLR cameras had a ProRes recording option like RAW recording as in some pro cameras.

Kazim Ayhanoglu thanks user 'arc' in the forum message ' Multicam: avc1 codec or optimise needed for VFX?'. 6 months ago
Kazim Ayhanoglu replied to the topic 'Multicam: avc1 codec or optimise needed for VFX?' in the forum. 6 months ago

The Apple support recommends optimization for a clean and a smooth workflow if heavy FX applied incl multicam clips.
On the other hand, my iMac handles pretty well 1080p projects, but I'm concerned about more about quality, clean output than speed.

Kazim Ayhanoglu created a new topic ' Multicam: avc1 codec or optimise needed for VFX?' in the forum. 6 months ago

Hi Forum,

Just to confirm, do I need to optimize the files to ProRes for multicam if I plan to do VFX or keep using avc1 codec(Canon 7d mk2) in multicam loaded 1080p project?

Much appreciated for the support.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for highlighting this odd behavior with the screen captures.

As expected, the FCPX browser/timeline pull up the keywords imported from tagged clips in finder but in reverse, the finder fails to display the keywords/tagging of the same batch exported clips.
On the other hand, Findrcat app, intelligent assistance, manage the reverse action successfully.

BTW, your screenshot shows only exported FCPX project, have you tested on the multi clips with range selected (from browser, timeline). Do you get the same result? If you do so, then you can't do any search based on tagging in finder since the tag fields are empty for batch exported clips.


Hi Forum,

Range selected or not, the keywords and tagging do not show up when the clips are batch shared/exported from the FCPX browser although the export setting displays all the info on the description and the tagging fields.
FCPX 10.4.8 / Mojave 10.14.6

Many thanks for the support.

Kazim Ayhanoglu created a new topic ' keyflow pro 2 and fcpx 10.4.7?' in the forum. 9 months ago

Hi Forum,

I wonder if anyone is experiencing any issues keyflow pro 2 and fcpx 10.4.7 Mojave latest version?

I keep getting messages that KFP 2 library is damaged and the app needs to be reinstalled again?

KeyFlow pro; it sounds like a lifesaver! Definitely, I willl seriously consider especially due to multi-library search features... I wish FCPX has that feature in coming upgrade.
But how does it deal with the metadata:
1. imported CCs buried within libraries from FCPX?

2. Imported from Apple Photos, other Dams or previously tagged sources?

Once again, many thanks for the support..

Yes, soconded thanks for this thread and the insightful answer Joema that's very through...

Although it deserves a new thread, I can't help asking since it'll be relevant to the topic being discussed...

If I create a new non-managed library , keeping files in place, that'll be used over and over as an improvised MAM or DAM, does the library updates itself sync whenever I add media to files in place? Similar to sync function of watch folder behaviour in DAM's...

Much appreciated for the tips..

Extremely useful tips! Many thanks!
Here's my scenario Joema,
I've x5 Episodes, all archived and all media in Library.
Now I want to create a new 6th Episode with the new content, however, I also need to pull up some elements from previous episodes that were archived separately. Those elements are Compound Clips, parts of the projects and other media etc.

I guess, I need to create a transfer Event for each previous archived Episode/Library to copy the media from the older ones to the new one that has also it's media in Library?

Thank you Joema for the detailed enlightening guide since I'd an issue in similar scenario in the past.

A couple of questions:

You say ' The next step is copy all library events to separate events within a single library. I'd suggest creating a new destination library for this, and using the library inspector "Modify Settings" to define separate locations for media storage and cache'.

1.How do you manage the bloated cash files once finished and archived the projects?

2.Do you use the same strategy, as in creating transfer Events between multiple Libraries if you need to go back to work with archived projects?

Regads, Soran.