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Karsten Schlüter wrote:

no need to create individual MCs per take
One MC per take was the director's requirement.
Secondly, even with one take FCPX syncs MCs not quite right (by waveforms) - in 35% I need to reposition the clips inside MC for syncing (though the clapper sounds clear). So, with 20 takes in one MC it wouldn't be too comfortable.
And lastly, how to do notes for takes if I have several takes on MC... :blink:
But to be open minded, i'm interested what was your proposition? Or do you mean to cut that MC into several clips and make them compound and make notes for compound etc?

Karsten Schlüter wrote:
Let FCPX do its intended job
Yes, I like to do proxy in FCPX too. But they want to use proxy not only in FCPX for director but also in Davinci for another editor. That's why they generated proxy externally.

Karsten Schlüter wrote:
where are MCs located ?
Each event represents the scene - in each event there are cam A, cab B, cam C, Sound and a bunch of MCs from them.

Anyway, I finished changing the MC settings manually and it wasn't fun :S
Yep, the smarter way would be to check the xml in the text editor. And in my event’s xml I could see something like this:

<format id="r2" name="FFVideoFormat1080p24" frameDuration="100/2400s" width="1920" height="1080" colorSpace="1-1-1 (Rec. 709)"/>

And in the corrected event I see this:

<format id="r3" name="FFVideoFormat2048x1080p24" frameDuration="1/24s" width="2048" height="1080" colorSpace="1-1-1 (Rec. 709)"/>

So, in theory, I could change the value of FFVideoFormat and width and import xml back to FCP and have fun. And I’ve tried it successfully in the test event and it brings all MCs to what I needed.
And this proves that Apple can make this option works inside FCPX :evil:

But for my bad luck it only works in my test Event in the test Library, not for the main Library : ) In main Library I always get some infrequent xml bag - DTD validation failure (Element audio does not carry attribute ref…). Even if I import back the same xml which have just exported from fcpx without modifying I’ll get it. I’ve tried to copy events into new library, but the bag is here anyway (looks like it in the events). As I see on the forum it happens with large projects. But that’s another topic : )

Another strange thing to me:
in xml code we could see: frameDuration="100/2400s" instead of "1/24s"
Mathematically it’s the same, but looks weird :silly:

And one more thing: even in the corrected event with 2048x1080 in xml text I could see the old "1920" line despite the fact that all clips with this resolution have been changed to 2048. What does this regard - I don’t know, there are no clips with 1920 anymore.

PS: sorry for such a long post and for my English :unsure:

So, FCPX.guru, I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings... but it's strange that in your opinion it's ok if the app could change metadata for one clip and couldn't for more than one without any reasonable reason...

Hey, joema
I don't mean "proxy" in terms of FCPX proxy - it's just proxy for us. Studio generates ProRes from Canon CRM and I loaded those ProRes in FCPX as original clips, so FCPX doesn't know that it's proxy at all. Later I relinked all to another ProRes (with right aspect ratio & resolution). Also, I've checked if there are enough metadata to relink to original CRM.
So, no, I don't insert this clips in FCPX internal folder, so FCPX sees them as original, not proxy.
Sorry if I confused you.

Yep, thousands : )
We have 2 to 3 cameras in every scene, 104 scenes in total - from 2 to 10 shots in each - from 5 to 25 takes in each = thousands : )

Our studio rendered proxy clips out of FCPX (in Davinci) with wrong frame size (1920x1080) and letterboxed. Later they re-rendered them at 2048x1080 with original aspect ratio. I relinked the library to new proxies but I've done all the MCs already at 1920, so need to change the format to 2K and resolution to 2048. And for now it took me 2 days for a half work - instead of 6 clicks!

More of that, as I see, when the cut will be locked, if we would like (but we wouldn't) to finish it in FCPX and export at 4K, and I'll relink library to original 4K Canon C200 CRMs, I need to change all MCs settings in the timeline once again... Whaaat : )))) Or I could just break apart MCs in timeline... No, wait!.. We can't break apart MCs in FCPX : ))
That's why we force to finish it in Davicni - because it can flatten 2k MCs into original 4k clips.

What a simple task indeed, it's just metadata, cmon, Apple : )

PS: don't get me wrong, I like FCPX more that other NLEs, but such unlogical unfounded luck of the options just kills me

Yep, thanks, I did that already. Just wanted to draw attention to the problem of more users : ) The only one my feedback will not affect Apple, I suppose : )

I do it as an edit assistant for a feature film. I can't say to the director "just change it as you needed" : ))
Anyway, it's a nonsense that FCPX disables a group modifying option.
I hope they give an attention to my feedback.

Hey, fellows!
I hope Apple guys read this forum from time to time (is it naive?)

In FCPX 10.4 if we want to change multicam properties we need to select a multicam clip and knock the "Modify" button in the inspector - it brings us a resolution, framerate and codec options to choose.

[File Attachment: MulticamModify.jpg]

But when we need to modify several clips at once... It can't be done! If selecting more than one multicam the "Modify" button disappears :dry:

I need to change the wrong resolution/frame size for thousands of multicams - how it could be that so easy operation Apple forcing me to do manually selecting and modifying clips one by one. It's just 6 clicks for a thousand of multicam clips vs 6000+ clicks... Do we need Randy Ubillos back for that?

Serj Kasparoff replied to the topic 're-generate multicam clip?' in the forum. 2 years ago

ronny courtens wrote:

Hey Dmitri,
Select the multicam clip in the browser, then in the Inspector > Info tab press the Modify Settings button and in the Settings window, change the preset to 1080p.
- Ronny

Hello, Ronny and others!
As I see I can change a multicam's properties in the inspector, but when I select more than one multicam the Modify button becomes greyed out :unsure:
Is there any way to change the resolution/frame size of all multicam at once?
(I have thousands of them in the project - it'll kill me if I need to change it manualy one by one)

Serj Kasparoff replied to the topic 'Chroma Keying' in the forum. 2 years ago

FCPX.guru wrote:

Because it's super easy to do with the mask effect... ...or SliceX
Do you mean the making mask effect (or SliceX) on the duplicated clip over the primary clip?
It's how we have to do it till now, but it's absolutely not the elegant way... to have a duplicated connected clips all over the timeline, compounding them.. what a mess and wasting of actions : )
Or maybe I just got it wrong?

In Adobe Premiere the masking option is right there in the keying effect just in one button (but I don't like PrPro)

PS: speaking of SliceX...
I've got a Coremelt's Everything Bundle for this black friday - a must have solution!

Serj Kasparoff replied to the topic 'Chroma Keying' in the forum. 2 years ago

wow... now it's 5 years from your message and FCPX still doesn't have a masking option on keying! how it could be : ))

Serj Kasparoff replied to the topic 'Save only trimmed clips' in the forum. 3 years ago

That's awesome! Any chance to get a demo?
joema wrote:

Doug Suiter wrote:
The reviews for this on the App Store are not encouraging (one star, does not work, developer not responding)....

There is a new product now in beta which also does this -- Worx4X. I have not used it, but it's by the same people who did X2Pro:



Serj Kasparoff thanks user 'cv21' in the forum message ' Simple Pack Titles'. 5 years ago
Serj Kasparoff thanks user 'cv21' in the forum message ' Simple Pack Titles'. 5 years ago
Serj Kasparoff thanks user 'cv21' in the forum message ' Simple Pack Titles'. 5 years ago
Serj Kasparoff thanks user 'cv21' in the forum message ' Simple Pack Titles'. 6 years ago
Serj Kasparoff replied to the topic 'Simple Pack Titles' in the forum. 6 years ago

i'm agree about treasures : )

I have some french friends, but i'm mix of russian-armenian : ) And avatar is only represent my obsession about cameras.

Sorry, but 2 of 3 titles in "Pages" pack doesn't work for me:
Pages-Left and Pages-Right shows offline in title browser and in timeline, but Page-High is all right.
Don't know why, the folders in movies/motion template/titles/pages/Pages-Left & Pages-Right contains all that files, which you've zipped.
I can check them later in Motion, not today.

Anyway, You are rock, cv21 : )

Serj Kasparoff replied to the topic 'Simple Pack Titles' in the forum. 6 years ago

I read this forum from time to time, but have never need to registered here because i no need to write something.. And i've registered just now only to express my gratitude to You for this awesome minimalistic titles!!! I was searching something like that for two days but none of them (for the $) was't so insanely clear and simple! It's worth the $ but you give them for free! You're rock! (sorry for my English)

Serj Kasparoff thanks user 'cv21' in the forum message ' Simple Pack Titles'. 6 years ago