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Ok, it's been a slow weekend for FCP news, so slow in fact that we thought we'd go super slow. Tom Guilmette got hold of a Phantom Flex camera on a recent Ping Pong excursion to Las Vegas. The results are awesome. 

After a hard day's work filming some flicker free ultra slo mo Table Tennis, remarkable enough in itself (find out more here in his very amusing blog), Tom took time off to experiment with the Phantom in the safety of his hotel room at 2am in the morning. It wasn't your typical Las Vegas trash-your-hotel-room story though, although if it had been the results might have been even more amazing! Instead Tom opened up a 2,564 frames per second wormhoie! Some great tongue in cheek stuff from Tom as he turns every possible moment into glorious slo mo. He recorded Apple Pro Res LT 1080 Psf.

Worthy of particular mention is the bouncing Blackberry shot, and was that Philip Bloom we spotted on it's screen?

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