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arc nevada replied to the topic 'Auto Reframe for FCP X' in the forum. 20 hours 54 minutes ago

FCPX.guru wrote: So no, you're not an experienced broadcast professional. Public Access? That joke? Really? Leave professional advice to the professionals. Your IT knowledge is full of holes, too. I'm a retired IT engineer, but I'm sure you know more than I do about that, also. Geez, give it up, arc...

The city of Detroit's Cable Commission probably had as much equipment as any of the local networks minus the tower and transmitter. For example in Broadcast And Cable Magazine you could see ads for the Camplex system. They would show images of the Camplex system being used for The Tonight Show, Jenny Jones, Dateline etc. We had the exact same setup in out studio. We had the same CCU as The Tonight Show, Dateline etc. As I stated we had two Avid Media Composers and a DPS system. If you want to claim I have not worked with broadcast equipment you might want to pull your head out of your ass.

I bet there are people in the forums that do not even know what genlock is. I don't doubt there are people in these forums who have never done work that has been broadcasted or even done anything that got cablecast but that doesn't bother you. You have a hatred towards Premiere Pro and anyone who uses it. Someone mention they liked the auto re-framing in Adobe and FCPXguru started badmouthing Premiere Pro. In any another other NLE forum you can mention the competition without hatred being spewed out.

That being said I don't see you trying to help people in these forums. To add insult to injury some of the people in these forums are simply trying to capture VHS tapes and burn to DVD. VHS is not used for broadcast is it? What awesome method do you use for VHS transfers? If you have no method for VHS transfer then allow those who do to answer even if we are not as professionals as you. In case you are to stupid to realize it you don't need to work with broadcast equipment to answer may of questions in these forums. As I stated in any other NLE forum BMD, Avid, Edius, Premiere etc you would have been kicked out long ago. FCP forums are a tad bit different in the fact that they love to hate on Premiere Pro. Not so much hate for DaVinci Resolve or Edius but Premiere. You are proof of that. How pathetic!

That being said if you have to badmouth other people to make yourself feel good you might be a douche bag.

I do not claim to be an IT professional but please list my holes because I don't think I ever responded to an IT question. On a side note if you are an IT please list the line commands to delete the master boot record. No googling.


arc nevada replied to the topic 'Auto Reframe for FCP X' in the forum. yesterday

Stu Wart wrote: hahaha really going 6 Feets Under arc :)

you are not a broadcast pro, hence the frustration and the toxic bitterness

I am I going 6 foot under or are you a pathetic a-hole? Why would I say I worked for the Cable Commission if I didn't.? That being said you stating I am not a broadcast pro doesn't erase the the fact that I helped create thousands of video projects that were aired over Public Access and a few things that were aired over local Radio and TV stations.

On a side note I was also a DJ. Not a DJ at the bar but a DJ that was broadcast over the airwaves using broadcast equipment.


arc nevada replied to the topic 'Auto Reframe for FCP X' in the forum. 2 days ago

Stu Wart wrote: oh non, not that agressive and pathetic arc troll again ! :)

the bitterness and frustration of this guy ... does funeral DVD's and needs to come here to "exist" by being toxic making bilious assumptions about a professional world he only sees from far, very far.

I have done more than Funeral DVDs. I worked for the City Of Detroit's Cable Commission. We had a full studio and a suitcase studio for of site productions. We had a couple of Avids and one DPS system for editing. Everything we did was played over Public Access and a few things were aired of local network affiliate stations. If you made comments towards me in another forum like Avid, Edius, BMD you would have been kicked out long ago. That being said feel free to show everyone you inner a-hole.


arc nevada replied to the topic 'Apple Keynote WWDC New FCPX and ARM processors' in the forum. 2 days ago

You cannot use an iMac exclusively to do determine if touch screen is viable. As Snazzy Lab pointed out the MS Studio is much more ergonomic. The GUI will have an impact as well. I do agree with Snazzy Labs that some things are faster with touch screen than with a mouse an keyboard. Why mouse click after mouse after mouse click if it is easier to touch the screen? Some things will be easier with mouse and keyboard other things will be easier with touch screen. That being said you can use them both simultaneously.



arc nevada replied to the topic 'Apple Keynote WWDC New FCPX and ARM processors' in the forum. 3 days ago

I think adding touch screen support to OS X would require to much time and effort. I think one big reason for Apple silicon running on all Apple devices is so the iMacs will finally get touch screen support. I don't doubt the Apple CPU wafers will have some calculating power but I doubt they will beat a 32 core CPU and an RTX 3080 Ti.


arc nevada replied to the topic 'Auto Reframe for FCP X' in the forum. 4 days ago

FCPX.guru wrote: I run a TV station on a 2015 rMBP and an SSD ext drive, and a 2017 iMac with a $1200 RAID. Not sure where your numbers come from. But yeah, make whatever claims you want. I'm done.


WTF? I stated if you need PCIe you will have to pay $6K. I also stated if you want to add an internal HD RAID for the Mac Pro you will need to spend over $2k. That is over 8K total. Your laptop cannot use the Afterburner PCIE card nor does your laptop run an internal RAID system. Some people need those features.

For the last time! Premiere Pro is only $21 per month.

21 X 12 = 252
252 X 8 = 2016

Do you think you can admit your math was wrong?


arc nevada replied to the topic 'Auto Reframe for FCP X' in the forum. 4 days ago

FCPX.guru wrote: Really? That's your argument? OK, you can run with that.

I've had FCPX for 8 years, $299.
PPro for 8 years, $4,800 and you're still not finished paying for it.

Back to the OT, select it all, make a compound, go to town resizing stuff. It's not automatic, but it sure as heck does not take "hours"... few minutes here and there max.

I did not say Premiere Pro was less expensive than FCPX. Why are you talking about FCPX? You had stated Premiere Pro was the most expensive NLE. It's not. Other companies have a monthly rental fee. Apple has an Apple tax on their hardware that is more than $252 a year. With FCPX I need to spend over 2K to install a mediocre RAID system in the Mac Pro. I also have to spend a minimum of $6K to get PCIe slots. That being said you need to take a basic math class because Premiere Pro is only $2,016 dollars after 8 years not $4,800. You cannot compare the full CC suite with FCPX unless FCPX can do webdesign and printing production like the CC can.

In any other NLE forum you can openly mention features you like in other NLE and the users do not trash the competition. I don't doubt FCPX will have the re-framing feature soon.


arc nevada replied to the topic 'Auto Reframe for FCP X' in the forum. 4 days ago

FCPX.guru wrote: Adobe is also the most unstable and most expensive NLE on the market...

Premiere Pro has always been reliable for me and it works great with 3rd party hardware. That being said Avid's Media Composer is $23.99 or you can pay $49.99 a month to get Media Composer Ultimate which will be a lot like the Avid Symphony and News Cutter combined. Sony's Catalyst Production Suite is $21.99 a month. How is Premiere Pro for $20.99 a month the most expensive?

The CC for $50.00 a month has a lot more than just Premiere Pro. Keep in mind FCPX requires Apple hardware. That being said I would like to see Adobe drop their prices but it would also be cool if FCPX ran on Windows. If Apple did have a Windows version of FCPX I bet it would be more than $300.00.


arc nevada replied to the topic 'Apple Keynote WWDC New FCPX and ARM processors' in the forum. 5 days ago

Intel's Quick Sync is part of the integrated GPU. Intel does not see the need to add a GPU to the Xeon CPUs.

No one knows what CPUs will be like two years from now but we do know AMD and Intel have to compete with each other. Competition is a good thing. If two years from now Apple only uses Apple's silicon wafers there will be no competition. On the Apple side AMD does not need to worry about competition from Nvidia.

Let me put it to you like this. The $6,000.00 Mac Pro can make use of the Promise RAID system. The problem is the Promise RAID system will get it's ass kicked by the competition at a fraction of the cost. I am not saying the Apple architecture is not good but without competition you might end up paying more and getting less. Do you see my point?



PO wrote: Mojave and late 2013 Mac Pro. Seem to remember using firewire with DV Cam. through a converter cable. Mainly using a black magic ultra studio component out from Beta SP. Final cut captures from firewire too.

I know FCP can capture from Fire Wire. I have done a few tutorials using the ADVC 110 with FCPX. That being said the OP needs to capture Hi-8 not Beta SP. If the Hi-8 camera does not have a built in TBC the BMD products will not work. That is why I did not recommend the Intensity Shuttle. The video below demonstrates why a TBC is needed.

allthingsmainy does your Hi-8 camera have a built in TBC? If it does the Intensity Shuttle will work.



PO wrote: Resolve captures well.

What products are you using?


allthingsmainy wrote: @ 8mm Guy and Redifer

I am now trying the route of booting my mac to windows 7 or XP to run Virtual Dub to huffyuv which would be true lossless!

If you use the ADS PYRO it will already be converted to DV-25 4:1:1 when it enters you computers Fire Wire port.


arc nevada replied to the topic 'Apple Keynote WWDC New FCPX and ARM processors' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

FCPX.guru wrote: The

I've been editing all day with my 2015 rMBP, FCPX 10.4.8, Big Sur. After spending some time with Big Sur, I can tell you that you start to feel like you're using a large iPad. WWWHHHAAATTT???? But yeah, Big Sur is nice, I like it, very snappy, very stable for a version 1.0 beta.

Also, remember Tim Cook said they were going to make more Intel Macs and support Intel Macs for many years to come. And that the transition to Apple Silicon will take two years. Expect the first models to come out to be low and middle range machines. They'll start off slow, then work up to the more powerful computers.

Your Mac Book Pro is now touch screen enabled because of Big Sur?

Both AMD and Intel have stated they are dedicated to low cost high core count CPUs. Not sure if the the Apple ARM processors will compete with a 32 Core CPU and RTX 3080 Ti. I imagine in another 3 years the 32 core CPUs will be more powerful, less expensive and use less electricity. Apple's ARM CPU may or may not be a better option for desktop computers than what Intel and AMD will have to offer in another 2 years from now. Only time will tell which technology will be the best bang for the buck.


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cog2803 wrote: I get roughly 250 MB/s read and 350 MB/s write using the Blackmagic Speed Test app.

Thanks for the feedback. It is appreciated.

Thanks for posting but I think that is from the Promise Pegasus JT 8TB. What are the speeds from the eight drive Drobo? That being said I think the Mac Pro should have had 8 generic drive bays.


arc nevada replied to the topic 'Apple 8TB SSD as media drive?' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

cog2803 wrote: I My basic setup now are two RAID 0 arrays with 6TB each. Those are backed up once a day so they function as clones of each other in case of failure.

Just curious if there was an angle to "not" combining media and OS/Apps on the same drive since I would be doing daily backups to the internal spinning disk in the Promise slot.

What kind of speeds do you get with your RAID setup?

With the new M.2 SSD you can put your OS and media on the same drive.


arc nevada replied to the topic 'Apple 8TB SSD as media drive?' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

FCPX.guru wrote: You will never get the full speed of published specs for any drive or RAID.

Here is what 5 SATA drives in RAID 0 can do. Imagine if a had 10 SATA drives in RAID 0. You can get good read and write speeds form SATA drives and also have plenty of storage for large files like 4K and 6K Pro Res and R3D files. If you edit H.264 one 8 TB M.2 SSD might be bigger enough but probably expensive compared to SATA drives. A single SATA drive can edit multiple layers of 4K H.264. An 8TB M.2 SSD might work but is it the best option? Maybe maybe not.



FCPX.guru wrote: It's actually on a Mac you get a T'bolt 3/USB 3 hybrid system in that it is a T'bolt 3 port that can intelligently switch to a USB 3 function for USB 3 devices, so yeah, on a Mac, they are the same thing.

All Thunderbolt 3 ports based of the Titan Ridge do that. There are passive USB C cables and active Thunderbolt 3 cables. Passive cables work for USB devices. For Thunderbolt 3 to work 100% correct you need the active cables (more expensive). That being said you would not be using a Thunderbolt to USB adapter. You can connect a USB or Thunderbolt device to the port but your should also use the correct cable.

I have had many Apple user comment that the new Apple products with Thunderbolt 3 have a hard time making use of Fire Wire DV converters. Videopixels is implying the Windows OS can make use of Fire Wire based DV converters using the same hardware. It might be the latest version of OS X causing problems.


arc nevada replied to the topic 'Apple 8TB SSD as media drive?' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

If you are editing 4K and 6K files from the Red cameras or even BRAW at 6 K you might want to have 30 TB of storage. The M.2 SSD have great speeds but how big are your clients files usually? There is a reason people stripe hard drives together. You will get good read and write speeds and have plenty of storage.


ADS \ Pyro A/V link via s-video and red/white rca connected through firewire 400 to 800 cable - to a thunderbolt adapter - to a usb adapter connected to 2017 13” MacBook Pro running Catalina 10.15.5

You listed a Thunderbolt to USB adapter, why? USB-C and Thunderbolt are not the same thing.