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If you are in Los Angeles, or have been meaning to be in Los Angeles and you love Final Cut Pro X, you will want to be at the Gallery Theater at Barnsdall Art Park Nov. 30th.


Apple will be returning to LACPUG, and they are bringing the most advanced NLE on the planet with them, FCPX 10.3 (if anyone has a problem with that statement, come Nov. 30th and argue with me). Here’s all the info you need about what’s happening on the night:

LACPUG Schedule

We are absolutely thrilled to see Apple coming back to LACPUG with an official presentation, and we see the release of FCPX 10.3 as a definitive answer to many of the criticisms leveled at FCPX over the years by many in the professional community.

If you have been waiting for the right time to give Final Cut Pro X another look, or maybe convince some of your skeptical co-workers to see what you’ve known all along, we can pretty much say for certain that LACPUG on Nov. 30th will open some eyes. You will want to be there.

You’re going to be reading a lot more about why I feel this way about the new release in the coming weeks here on FCP.co, but one other reason you should be at LACPUG on the 30th is to come see me, Kevin Bailey, Patrick Southern, and Gergana Angelova demonstrate what we believe is a breakthrough for the way people currently work with modern narrative media.

We’re going to be emphasizing showing over telling and proving out real world situations in real time that demonstrate why this release is so important… with the goal being to show you that there are no longer any gatekeepers between you and delivering your story at the highest level possible.

The fact of the matter is that I believe we are entering a new age for storytelling where talent is going to start to becoming emphasized over the tools. If you have a Mac Pro or iMac, you can now shoot in 6k, automate your sync, project prep, and script supervisor notes, and then deliver in 4k, make your DCP, show it in the theater, and not need anything else besides FCPX, some third party apps, an inexpensive grading monitor, and a smart workflow. Filmmaking is now democratized and the playing field has been leveled.

Beyond excited to see you there on the 30th.

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Sam MestmanSam Mestman is the CEO of Lumaforge, maker of the SHARESTATION, a shared storage platform optimized for media and entertainment. He is also Founder of We Make Movies, the world’s first community funded production company, as well as a workflow architect for FCPWORKS. He is also one of the world’s leading experts on Final Cut Pro X Workflow, and is responsible for some of the largest FCPX professional integrations in the world.