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We have many enquiries about writing for FCP.co - we love new interesting stories. This short article explains what you need to know about our content and what you need to supply to get published.

We pride ourselves here on FCP.co by trying to publish original stories that our readers will find interesting.

We like:

  • User stories featuring FCPX
  • Showcase videos that have been edited with FCPX
  • Software or hardware releases that relate to FCPX
  • Reports from exhibitions and events 
  • Tutorials on all the Apple Pro Apps
  • Other newsworthy items

What we don't like:

  • Sponsored articles that have no relevance to our audience
  • Poorly crafted stories designed to grab clicks (although we do like relevant cardinal listicles)
  • Churnalism - The recycling of other people's web stories by quoting a short paragraph and then linking to the original

So how do you go about getting an article published on FCP.co?

First thing to do is contact the editor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (click or copy & remove the spaces) and briefly detail the article you are considering writing. This is just to avoid duplication- it has happened!

It might take a while to get back to you as that mailbox gets a LOT of mail! 

How do I write the article?

Write what you feel, make it as long as you think the article warrants. Imagine yourself as a reader, what would you find interesting about the story?

Include as much details as you like as our readers love the tekkie stuff. This could include your hardware setup, software versions, codecs e.t.c.

Photos and screen grabs bring life to a story, as do YouTube and Vimeo videos for embedding.

What do I need to supply?

You can supply the story as a Word, PDF or Pages document with embedded photos or a text document indicating where you would like the photos to be placed. It helps a lot if you could also supply a folder with the original sized photos and screengrabs.

Can I supply a bio?

Yes of course, in fact we encourage it! A short bio about yourself can be placed at the bottom of the article with a supplied headshot. Please detail any links to webpages or social media. We are very keen to get people to go to your website or follow you online.

What happens then?

The article will be formatted up for publication and time permitting, you can check it over for mistakes & typos before it goes live.

What we ask

  • You have permission to use the content and any images & videos
  • We are happy to respect an embargo, but please respect that yourselves. We don't want to do a big PR push with a story to find out it has been out on Facebook overnight.
  • Let us know if you are intending to give the article to other outlets.


That all sounds rather formal, it's not, it's just what we have learnt over the years publishing FCP.co and we hope it saves some time by answering some of the more common questions.

So if you have a story, please get in touch and share your article with the Final Cut Pro X community!


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We are working on a fix!