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Show 11 on Tuesday 26th of May brings us a team of editors, each have their own story on dealing with COVID19. How has the pandemic affected post production and will anything change after the restrictions are lifted?

Each editor has faced challenges during the lockdown. We will go though what happened, how they coped and what they think will happen in the future. 

The show starts Tuesday 26th of May, 1000 Los Angeles time, 1300 New York, 1800 London, 1900 Paris and (Sorry Australia) 0300+1 Day Sydney.

There are also two ways that you view;-
1) Join us here on Zoom. This is limited to 100 places, first come first served!

2) Watch right here! We will be looking at the YouTube comments during the show.

We will also be continuing the show on Zoom after we close on YouTube for informal chat. 

The show is sponsored by
OWC  https://www.jdoqocy.com/click-5432368...
Idustrial Revolution https://idustrialrevolution.com

Our guests for Show 11

Adam Peariso  @adamski
Ryan Welborn  @osmFCPX
Yishai Shapir   @yishaishapir
Ben Consoli    @benconsoli

And of course, the regulars

Chris Fenwick @chrisfenwick
Peter Wiggins @peterwiggins
Sam Mestman @SamMestman
Felipe Baez @baezfelipe

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