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It's a great headline, but the facts are there to back it up. At a recent meeting at the Digital Cinema Society, Neil Smith from LumaForge gave us more information on that film...

We first broke the news that a major Hollywood film was using Final Cut Pro X in Sam Mestman's excellent article from Bulgaria. It certainly caused a few ripples in the post production world and there were the doubters that immediately jumped to discredit it.

Now we know more..

At the recent Digital Cinema Society meeting in December, Neil Smith from LumaForge gave us more details about the film, what it is being cut on and why it is being cut on FCPX. He doesn't mention names, but Ronny Courtens on our Forum not only gave us the tip about the video, he also did a bit of research on what the film might be.

The video is only 10 minutes long, but we think it will have a huge impact in the industry. See what you think...




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