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When Adidas wanted to promote their new football shirt for Mexico in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, their ad agency turned to Garage Films & Lucas Otero. He turned to FCPX and in the process did a screen capture of himself editing the commercial.

An FCPX user story with a great slant and perfect timing. Lucas Otero very kindly sent us details about a recent commercial he edited which was produced by Garage Films through TBWA/Chiat/Day for Adidas. 


'Adidas was a real rush of adrenaline. Everything was filmed in 2 days, with 3 parallel production teams in Croatia, Brazil and Cameroon.

As the footage arrived physically to Mexico, we were importing it into Final Cut X and generating all proxies to have a nice and fast workflow. We synchronized audios and only then, the real working journey started.

The 3 directors travelled to discover a real story in each country. The challenge back in México was to put the three stories into one storyline: futbol’s passion transcends frontiers because identity goes beyond geography, specially during the World Cup. We edited with extreme care 3 individual stories of each character and then mixed them, put them together and re-mixed again to make the best of each and achieve the final product.

It was filmed with cameras Alexa (Brazil) Canon 7D (Cameroon) and Blackmagic (Croatia).

Despite being a complex workflow by mixing cameras and formats (we had recorded footage to HD and other 2K) the process went smoothly, Final Cut Pro X responded in a big way from generating proxies.'



Here is the screen recording of the edit and the final commercial, you might want to go fullscreen!


If your Spanish isn't up to much (ours isn't) then the next video will help. This presentation Lucas put together for Cannes explains the concept of the advertisement along with English subtitles on the final ad.


We have thank Lucas for sharing the advertisement and the behind the scenes editing. Pleas make sure you visit his website at juanbjusto,tv.

He also very kindly sent us a link to a rather special short film he edited. We won't ruin the impact by describing it, but all we will say is that Vimeo liked it enough to make it a Staff Pick. What it was edited on we don't know and to be honest for this case, it doesn't really matter.

Enjoy. Possibly NSFW.



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