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focal guide FCPX rick young 2

Rick had some unfortunate timing with his book release before, so it is good to see him getting his FCPX guide right up to date with a second edition.

Rick released the first edition of The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro X just before 10.0.6 came out. Not really a problem as he offered a free online addendum to everybody on the new features.

He has now taken the opportunity to update the book with the publication of the second edition 

"This is the most up-to-date Final Cut Pro X book on the market and covers everything one needs to know to get up and running, and also to delve into more advanced areas such at Multicam, effects production, archive and backup.

Included with every purchase of the book is a selection of footage to edit with. Instructions in the book of where to go to download. There is a lot of footage to work with from locations as diverse as Rome, Maui, The Bahamas, Antarctica, Miami..." 

The book is available from Amazon in printed format for $37 and in Kindle format for download at $34.89.


We like Ricks' book, we had a good read of a copy when the first edition was published. It starts right from the beginning and contains many screen grabs and highlighted graphics rather than lengthy pieces of text.



Not everybody likes watching video tutorials, so if you prefer to skim through a book stopping at the pictures and diagrams that interest you, Rick's book fits the bill.


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