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Ever wanted a complete list of keywords used in an FCPX Project or Event? This new $20 application will allow you to retrieve all keywords so that they can be used in other applications such as spreadsheets.

Another great way of mining the FCPX database for useful information. Rainer Standke has just released 'Keywords' a $19.99 application that extracts keywords from the event or project XML exported out of Final Cut Pro X.

We can see many uses for this application. It could be used simply to see what music publishers or stock library has been used in a project. Or, in a complex way by returning a large list of keywords that could refer to takes, actors, products, graphics or versions for example.

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keywords FCPX small

Rainer explains:

I hope Keywords will round out the user experience people have with Final Cut Pro X. The list should be useful for folks who can’t quite remember what keywords all the shots in a project might have had.

Questions like “is the shot marked with ‘take this one out’ still in the cut?” can be answered easily by glancing at the list provided by Keywords.

The app takes XML files for events as well. Thus you can get a list of all the keywords in your source footage quite easily. Also, saving out the list as a tab-delimited text or as a Microsoft Excel file should open up a way to get keywords into other applications, for example databases.


It might seem like a simple application, but it just might streamline a manual process that would have taken an editor or assistant a long time by logging clips manually sat in front of a screen. One idea for Rainer in the future would be for those keywords to be able to be created in a new Library/Event or appended to an existing one. 


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