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fcpx 10.1.4 update

An update to FCPX brings native MXF import, editing and export along with bug fixes. Who says that Apple are not supporting pro users and broadcasters?

As a follow on to our article about the Pro Video Formats, Apple has updated FCPX to 10.1.4 to work with MXF files and it also contains a few bug fixes.

The update should appear in the Mac App Store. 10.1.4 is still free, even after the addition of MXF functionality. Click on the purchases tab if you don't see it in the updates.

Looking at the bug fixes, a couple of ones that have troubled our Forum member have been dealt with.

  • The infinite loop of automatic Library backups has been fixed.
  • We know a couple of cameramen/editors who will be pleased that certain frmaerates from Canon and Sanyo cameras will now import correctly. 
  • Resolves issues that could interrupt long imports when App Nap is enabled
  • Stabilization and Rolling Shutter reduction works correctly with 240fps video. Maybe this has been fixed for iPhone footage support at that rate.

So if you don't deal with MXF and broadcast delivery, there are still announced and probably unannounced fixes to be had. 

10.1 already have a very handy MXF guide for use with FCPX and a set of AS-11 compressor presets. We have had a read of Alex Snelling's guide and at first glance getting an AS-11 compliant file out of FCPX doesn't look that easy. Well worth a good read, a few times.


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