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Do you use a stereo microphone when recording interviews and get a wandering audio image in FCPX? This new plugin from CrumplePop centres your audio automatically.

Recording an interview on a separate device such as a Rode or Zoom and then syncing the audio up with DSLR pictures is easy in FCPX. But have you suffered from the audio of the interview being off-centre or wandering as the interviewee moves?

This new $79 plugin called Magnetic Stereo from CrumplePop analyses the audio and rebalances it should the main source become off centre. So if your subject moves, the audio won't move in the stereo balance.


The plugin is the second product out of a successful collaboration between CrumplePop and Audiofile Engineering. You may recall their Spectre Spectrograph that was launched back in October.

It looks pretty easy to use too, just drag & drop.


So if you've been having to keyframe interview audio into the centre as taking one leg of a stereo pair won't work, then this plugin will save some time. 



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