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If you need to know about exporting from FCPX to provide a file that can be played in cinemas, you'll know about the difficulty and expense of making a DCP. Now easyDCP has launched a pay-as-you go service exporting out of FCPX with the easyDCP Publisher Bridge.

So you want to exhibit your film in a cinema? A simple process you would think, but as projection suites require a specialist DCP (Digital Cinema Package) file to be supplied, this has never been an easy (or inexpensive) process. 

Sam Mestman in his brilliant 5 part guide for filmmakers described how an $1500 easyDCP plugin or DCP-o-matic, the open source software program can be used to generate the files.

We have to thank FCPX guru T Payton for pointing out that easyDCP has now added a pay-as-you go option that works with the easyDCP FCPX Publisher Bridge.

FCPX users download a couple of apps that help with the creation and review of DCPs. A destination gets installed into FCPX that allows the creation of a high quality ProRes file for easyDCP. A preview file is then created that is viewed in the easyDCP viewer. So far, this is all free and versions can be resent without cost.

Once the user is happy with the DCP preview, the final file can then be converted and thus the user gets billed. Users will get charged by the length of the film. For example a thirty second commercial will cost approximately €50, a ninety minute feature €225.

easyDCP has published this YouTube video tutorial showing how to make a DCP using the easyDCP FCPX bridge.


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