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The live show is back... Almost! Our rehearsal that wasn't meant to be a rehearsal went live and it was a lot of fun. Above is the cutdown version, the whole show (swear words and all) is in the article below. Enjoy!.

Live shows are funny things to make. There are a lot of them out there and quite frankly, a lot of them are not worth watching. Good ones take a lot of effort to make.

So we decided that when we recommenced the lives shows here, they would be slightly different and hopefully from the trailer above you might agree.

Show 8 was meant to be a rehearsal, as going through Zoom live (with two hosts) onto YouTube involves quite a bit of configuration and the FCP.co corporate credit card had to be flashed more than once.

But, we are really happy with the result and hopefully you will be too. 

Did we have a running order? No not really, but I'm hopefully you'll agree we covered quite a few interesting topics.

Joining host Chris Fenwick was
and of course Sam Mestman

The next show is scheduled for Tuesday 5th of May, we hope to see you there!



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