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Ever wanted to time your Final Cut Pro X exports exactly? Now you can with ChronoX, an app that means you don't have to sit there with a stopwatch!

Timing Final Cut Pro X exports has always been a bit of a sport seeing as FCPX is the Usain Bolt of NLEs when it comes to getting a project out to disk.

The legendary BruceX speed test was born from a review here on FCP.co of a very slow exporting MacBook Air. Yes, we really did have to leave the timer going for two hours and our life would have been a lot easier with an automated solution.

Chrono X is  a new app from Antonio Marogna that automatically measures FCPX export times. You might remember Antonio from his EVR X app that added EXIF data to video clips in FCPX.

There are two versions available. The free version will time an export with a pop-up window, the pro version ($5.99) adds generating a report file in CSV format and allows an export to repeat up to three times.

chronox 1st window User notes

chronox 2nd window Repeat Exports

chronox 3rd windows elapsed

chronox 4th and last window finalMessage

ChronoX Features

  •  Measures Final Cut Pro X export elapsed time in seconds.
  •  Fully automated: just one click.
  •  Repeat export function (up to 3 exports in one click) [ChronoX Pro only]
  •  Save log report in CSV format [ChronoX Pro only]
  •  Keeps record of user note for each export in the report file [ChronoX Pro only]

The log report file will contain this data-

OS X Version, Mac Model, FCP Version, ChronoX Version, Project Name, Video Codec, GPU Selected, Export Folder, Date, Start Time, End Time, Elapsed Seconds, Iterations #, Iterations Start Time, User Notes.

fcpx chronox log report CSV small

Now, we think thank Antonio has missed a trick here and we have sent him an email explaining our thoughts. Timing an export is great, but as the app can detect the end of an export, how about it being able to send a message to the user via SMS that it has finished? We will see what he says!

In the meantime, if you find yourself sitting with the stopwatch app on your phone staring at that blue bar's progress, then this app will let you go and put the kettle on without you having to worry about catching the exact moment an export finishes.


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