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FCP7 is dead, long live FCPX! Final Cut Pro X has finally arrived and is ready for download. On the longest day of the year, Apple give us what we've been waiting for since that sneak peak back in April.

Go straight to the FCPX download for USA


So this is pretty difficult to write as all we want to do is complete the download and start to explore FCPX!

For instant information about FCPX you can visit our Community and Forum - it is going to be busy! make sure you visit often as we will try to keep pace with all the new information tutorials and advice that get posted.

Apple servers are going to be red hot all day as thousands of editors download this great new program. It's taken its time arriving though but that can be expected as it is a complete re-write.

Final Cut Pro X

Motion 5


Apple have an official page with all of the main features

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