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If you've been editing with FCPX then you will know it is an all or nothing approach with showing your media in the event library. Here are two solutions that get round that problem, one gives Xsan compatibility too.

You cannot be selective what media you choose to display in Final Cut Pro X, it's all or nothing. If you sit down to edit with a client, they are going to see all your other clients' projects too!

There are now two ingenious ways to get round this problem, one free and one $4.99

Firstly, Steve Martin has posted an article on Ken Stone's website detailing the usage of disk images to separate FCPX projects. It is nothing short of pure genius and has the added benefits of easier archiving and enabling Xsan storage for media. A brilliant discovery that will be used by many FCPX editors until Apple improve the handling of events.



The other solution comes from Intelligent Assistance, it's a $4.99 standalone application called Event Manager X.

Event Manager X helps you hide and show Events and Projects so you can control what you want to see in Final Cut Pro X’s Event Library and Project Library. It also tracks Events and Projects that are offline so you can properly ensure all relevant Events and/or Projects are mounted.

While Apple provides a manual way to manage the visibility of Events and Projects within the Final Cut Pro X interface, it provides no way to keep track of Events or Projects that are on a drive that is not mounted, either deliberately or by accident.

  • Manage which Events and Projects are visible using simple checkboxes
  • Keep track of invisible (but mounted) Events and Projects
  • Keep track of unmounted Events and Projects
  • Check that all drives that hold needed Events are correctly mounted
  • Never suffer the embarrassment of an Event or Project showing to the wrong client


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