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What do you do when you've just downloaded a new app? Doesn't everybody open the package contents and have a look at the internal frameworks and resources? Alex Gollner kindly put together this summary of his detective work for FCP.co.

We've been keeping an eye on Alex's posts about exploring the inner workings of FCPX and Motion for a while. He kindly posted a summary of his four articles on our Forum and we are sure he won't mind us reprinting his post as an article. The four sections link to much more detail in his blog. We are particularly curious about the 'Guard' feature.


"I've written a series of blog posts about the images and text within version 10.0 that are not visible during every day use. 

I refer to past as well as future hidden features, because I have no way of knowing if these images and text are associated with planned improvements or ideas that were a dead end during development (although the text has got to the stage where it has been left in this version and translated into German, French and Japanese)."

1. Media and subtypes
In file named "MediaAndSubTypes.strings" there is a list of codecs and media types that is very long. The list includes Subtitle, Sprite, Quartz Composer and Timed Metadata.

2. Some of Motion inside
It looks like the way FCP X implements effects is to have most of the Motion engine built inside. In a file that defines tool tips for on screen controls alongside references to the Ken Burns effect and the Final Cut crop methods, there are tool tips for creating and editing Rotoshapes and 3D camera navigation.

3. XML & multi-user editing
When importing XML are references to importing FCP markers and effects. If Apple do implement multi-user editing in a future version, it is likely that they will refer to a timeline, storyline or track as having a 'Guard' on it - which indicates that someone else is working on that element.

4. Windows, Tools & Audio
There is text within FCP 10.0 that refers to the ability to change and save window layouts, more advanced graphics tools and the ability to do the same with audio effects as Motion does for video effects. You can combine multiple Logic plug-ins into a single effect, add presets and controls. You're also able to have up to 12 audio tracks per individual video clip.

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