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***Updated with link to hard copy on Amazon***

The reaction to Edgar Rothermich's first FCPX graphic manual was immense, it has sold many copies since the launch. Now he's produced a second book, Final Cut Pro X -The Details.

His first book Final Cut Pro X - How it Works has been a huge hit, by our metrics we estimate his graphically enhanced manual is outselling other FCPX books by a ratio of 5 to 1.

Edgar had a very simple idea, instead of writing page after page of technical description, let graphical representations do the most of the hard work for you. Edgar uses the old phrase 'A picture is worth a thousand words' and we would completely agree, an easy way to learn about software. The second book Final Cut Pro X - The Details picks up from the last and dives a bit deeper covering the advanced features of FCPX.

The first book is available as a $2.99 electronic download from Edgar's site or in printed form from Amazon for $14.99. The new book Final Cut Pro-The Details is only available as a $5.99 download at the moment. It is more expensive, but it is also more than twice as long as the first publication. If you haven't bought the first book yet, then Edgar offers both for download at $6.99.

The hard copy of Final Cut Pro X - The Details is now available on Amazon.

We were also pleased to see that Edgar has Compressor 4 & Motion 5 graphically enhanced manuals on the way.

Here are a few pages from the new book:

FCPX The Details extract1


FCPX the Details extract 2


FCPX The Details Extract3

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