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Walter's comments about FCPX certainly created a stir when they were published. Premiered here on FCP.co by kind permission of the organisers is the full presentation from that night: "In Conversation with Walter Murch"

Whatever Walter Murch had said about Final Cut Pro X would have made the headlines as he is a very well respected editor with some pretty impressive credits behind him.

He was quoted from the night and even misquoted from the night, Twitter was ablaze with link bait. Now by very kind permission of the Boston Supermeet organisers Dan Bérubé and Michael Horton, we premiere Walter Murch's whole presentation.

What is Walter Murch's workflow with FCP7? What is his opinion of FCPX? Now you can watch the whole hour and seventeen minute presentation and make your own mind up. Whatever you think, it's good viewing.

Filmed by Rick Young and Dean Cleary
Edited and posted by Daniel Bérubé
Opening Title created by Yan Shvalb
SuperMeet Image and Sound:

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