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UK camera and equipment rental house Onsight have published a 3D plugin for FCP 7. Now you can correct the left and right eye files with OS3D, a free non-watermarked plugin that they developed in-house for their own use.

Hire and facilities company Onsight have been offering their services in London for quite a while now, we can remember back when they started off with only two BetaSP machines! They've also got a reputation for being at the cutting edge of technology and investing in new equipment, one area as an example being 3D.

1283869672.3d_red-thumbThe development of the plugin has arisen because they were dealing with a lot of stereo jobs and wanted a tool that handled the files in an intuitive way in FCP. They had tried the alternative solutions, but ended up writing their own FXScript plugin for the best realtime performance.

They should know their way round 3D as they have rented out some very mean stereo camera rigs to high profile clients.


You can download the free OS3D plugin by entering your details on this Onsight page. They have also produced a PDF of instructions for using the plugin.

Many thanks to the guys at Onsight for getting in touch, sharing the news and of course the free plugin!


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