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A mix of excitement and disappointment after this year's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco this year. The new MacBook Pro with a retina display running an updated Final Cut Pro looks gorgeous, but same form factor MacPros without Thunderbolt are a bit of a letdown.

We were praying for 'one more thing' after the tour of iOS6. Cue the music, unleash the dry ice and and hopefully a new Mac Pro would rise out of the stage. It didn't happen. Only eagle eyed Apple Store watchers noticed the new badge indicating the three updated models which presumably correlate to the leaked model identifiers.


The second disappointment is no Thunderbolt on the updated Mac Pros either. One has to wonder how long these machines can keep being sold without Thunderbolt, but at least they have subdued the critics for now who were saying the MacPro was dead. But let us return to the new MacBook Pros...

The new retina display on the MacBook Pros looks stunning, over 5 million pixels at 2880 x 1800 with a 29 percent increase in contrast, Apple are plugging these as ideal machines for the updated but not yet released Aperture and Final Cut Pro X. Apple said in the Keynote that FCPX is now capable of showing pixel perfect 1080p top right in the viewer with space for a full timeline and the library. It was also said that Adobe are working on a new version of Photoshop for the display - Any apps not capable of supporting the new resolution will be pixel-doubled. No word on Premiere strangely!

The new models sport the Third-generation Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge processors, Kepler architecture NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics cards with 1GB of dedicated video memory and Flash memory of up to a third of a Terabyte. Of immediate interest to us was the two Thunderbolt connectors and a new USB3 connector, which will open up new storage options and the possibility of using two end of chain Thunderbolt peripherals at once.

It was also pointed out that the new Macbook Pro is capable of handling 9 streams of HD video, which should be more than enough for most users, even reality show producers.

Other news were updates to MacBook Airs, the disappearance from the store of the 17" MacBook Pro, a tour of Mountain Lion which will be released at $19.99 next month and some new software for phones.

So a good WWDC Keynote, but not all we were hoping for. As anybody who has been to the conference, the Keynote is the only presentation not under NDA so that's all the news from San Francisco this week.

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