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Well almost every app as we're sure there will be some exceptions. Never the less, Hamburg Pro Media's new MXF ImEx Suite might be the answer if you have multiple QuickTime based applications that need to work with MXF media.

We seem to pretty well covered with solutions for using MXF media in Final Cut Pro 7 and now FCPX, but what about importing and exporting MXF from other apps?

Hamburg Pro Media has launched MXF ImEx Suite, a bundle that allows you to- 'Open nearly any MXF flavour and export the most important MXF industry formats with most Quicktime compatible Applications.

Priced at around $940 when converted from Euros, this is a tool that will appeal to post houses that have a high dependency on MXF in their workflow. There are upgrades available for MXF Export Suite and MXF Import QT licence holders.

The new suite is also ready for Mountain Lion and has sandbox support (which is a way of OSX ringfencing what data and resources the app needs)

Features also include:

It is compatible to the new Compressor 4 with full 64 bit support. 
It comes with a complete set of presets for compressor and finally it has extended metadata support. 
It is completey backward compatible with the recent MXF4mac product line. Extend AVC-Intra and JPEG2000 as an option.

Many thanks to Alex Gollner for the tip.

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