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gopro field guide

Ever wondered what resolution and frame rates are good for shooting video on your GoPro? No need to worry, they have just launched a set of free tutorials.

It's a coincidence, but we were experimenting with high frame rates on a GoPro with Final Cut Pro X over the weekend and these videos would have come in very handy.

FCP.co friend Jim Geduldick from GoPro sent us an email with a link to their new tutorial strand on their YouTube channel. It looks like it will grow in to a fabulous resource and is well worth subscribing to.

It's very easy to load a card and hit record, but are you using the right frame rate, resolution and FOV? That's not taking into account that you can also adjust the bitrate, ISO, colour balance, exposure and sharpness.

Did you know about the squashed field of views? We didn't and it proves you learn something new every day. It might be a good idea to talk to your director and camera guy if you are not shooting with the GoPro yourself so that you know exactly what settings to expect.

As far as we know, Protune will not import directly into FCPX, you have to go through the GoPro Protune app (wasn't this Cineform?) first. Please let us know if that is incorrect. 

Update. Mark Spencer informs us that FCPX does accept Protune, the video comes in with a flat profile. Maybe a good opportunity for a custom LUT!

Jim did mention that there was be a possibility of GoPro/NLE specific workflow videos, so maybe we could get him to start with Final Cut Pro X!

Onto the tutorials and the first of three digs deep into Protune.


Episode 2 runs throughout he various frame sizes, frame rates and FOV options. This is also probably the most helpful one for FCPX editors)


Lastly (for the time being) the GoPro media crew give us some tips for shooting on location.