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hamburg pro media

In rather a shock move to us, Hamburg PRO Media has withdrawn its FCPX products from sale. Why? Have they been bought and if so, who would buy them?

If you haven't come across Hamburg PRO Media before, they are a company that specialises in producing products that allow NLEs to work with MXF media. 

We came across a tweet from Neil Anderson at NMR.com saying that he had a heard a rumour that the company had been acquired.

hamburg pro media tweet


Noting odd about a company being bought, except the fact that their products for FCP are 'temporarily not available.' 

So what has happened? We have seen other companies with FCPX products shut down or retract products overnight. A couple of obvious examples here being Automatic Duck that got caught in Adobe's net or Irudis who just stopped their interest in the FCPX plugin market.

Who might have bought them?

Apple might seem an obvious choice, bundling or incorporating their AS-11suite of tools for broadcast delivery would make sense as FCPX is making large inroads into UK broadcast editing. 

Adobe could buy them, again for the AS-11 tools (which we have heard are super easy to use and greatly reduce the amount of 'compliance') and this could be a defensive move by them to try and stifle FCPX's broadcast growth.

We will discount Avid and Lightworks as we don't think it's something that would fit their products and future expansion plans. Their Avid products are still available to buy online. 

Which leaves Blackmagic Design. Could Grant Petty have snapped up Hamburg PRO Media to give extra grunt to the media handling abilities of DaVinci Resolve? He has a past history of buying up technology and it would make a cracking headline for IBC.

No doubt a press release from any of the above or even somebody we haven't thought about (Tools on Air? Softron?) will appear soon and all will be clear. We did try to contact HPM for more information, but we haven't heard back. As always if you have more information then we would love you to post below.

Watch this space!


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