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fcpx 10 2 - Motion 5 2 1

Well would you know, two days after suggesting Apple might publish an update to FCPX, they have just announced new versions, Final Cut Pro X 10.2.1 and Motion 5.2.1.

Good to see a speedy update after 10.2 and 5.2, but these look like bug fixes rather than adding more features

Here's the list of changes in FCPX from Apple that can also be found in the Release Notes.  It is a small update at 164 MB.

  • Restores support for Panasonic AVCCAM video at 25p and 30p
  • Improves accuracy when dragging to select a range in the Timeline
  • Fixes an issue that may cause Final Cut Pro to quit on launch


Motion also gets a couple of tweaks. The Release Notes can be found here. This update is a lot larger at 2.2 GB.

  • Fixed an issue in which photoshop files may be imported with an incorrect colour profile
  • Fixes an issue that my cause Motion to quit on launch


The update might not seem much, but knowing Apple there are probably more fixes than they have documented, so it will be interesting to see if they have fixed any of the problems we outlined two days ago!

Plese let us know if you have found any fixes, or any new bugs.

Early reports show some inconsistencies with Final Cut Library Manager as 10.2.1 will force the user to upgrade a Library. The Draw Mask bug described earlier has not been fixed.


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