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freeeffectfriday 5 06 2015

Quite a lot to get through on this #freeeffectfriday in June. Some cracking FCPX templates to download and use and one amazing Motion project which has to be seen (and heard) to be believed.

We are starting to see more and more free templates being published that have been built using the new 3D font capabilities in Motion. We start with a handful of those experimenting with what is possible.

Want to advertise a sale or show different products with prices?  This fully customisable template from Idustrial Revolution does exactly that. It's called XEffects 3D Sale Price and installs into FCPX or it can be opened up in Motion for further tweaking.


Fox Mahoney has been busier than his normal busy self. He has taken this iDVD template and turned it into a 3D template for FCPX and Motion called Revolution. He's spent a lot of time working out how to put pictures on to curved surfaces as you can see from the demo movie. Awesome work from Fox and hopefully Apple will add more 3D features to Motion to make template building like this easier.


Next from Fox is an amazing piece of 3D work built up from pieces. Again it shows the possible 3D capabilities of Motion. Since none of the ProApps support true '3D models' Fox has made all of them from fonts!

Lots of instructions on how to use these projects, so we recommend heading over to his YouTube channel to learn more.


Are you on the social network Ello? If you need to replicate the look as a lower third, FCP.co forum member Scrubelicious has done the hard work for you.

ello fcpx


Next is a free (well almost free as you have to enter your email address) template from Connor Productions called 'Fizz.' Need a quick and funky way to get text on and offscreen? It might do the trick.


We think have left the best to last. Back to Fox Mahoney and this quite incredible 3D template for Motion called Piano/Synth Keyboard. He's used the audio behaviors to 'tune' each key to its relevant frequency, that means that the keyboard plays itself when audio is added. Very clever, but we do recommend reading the instructions. 


If you build free FCPX templates, please make sure you list them in our Forum  - It's good to share!



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