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side by side murch

Five extra DVDs have been released by the producers of Keanu Reeves' documentary SIDE BY SIDE. The film looks at the history, process and workflow of film production featuring interviews with directors such as James Cameron, Martin Scorsese and David Fincher. Walter Murch's extended interview features on one of the new discs where he talks about film editing and of course Final Cut Pro. 

Walter Murch is of course no stranger to Final Cut Pro. Cold Mountain was edited by Murch on FCP 3, the success launched the app into the traditionally Avid based Hollywood. Although he hasn't really taken to FCPX yet, (even though the filmstrip views echo his post-it note storyboard methods of organisation) it is always interesting to hear his thoughts. Walter has a pretty impressive credit list having edited films such as Apocalypse Now, The Talented Mr Ripley, Ghost and of course Cold Mountain.

Here is an extract from the recently released extra DVDs from SIDE BY SIDE. It's from volume 3 which also features extended interviews with James Cameron and Edward Lachman.


SIDE BY SIDE, the feature documentary produced by Keanu Reeves and Justin Szlasa and directed by Chris Kenneally, it premiered at the Berlinale in 2012. The reviews have been very positive and it's a film that we missed first time, so it is now on the watch list, There is always something to learn from listening to experts in your craft. With the release of the extra DVDs, we can now learn more from Walter.

Chris Kenneally, director, SIDE BY SIDE EXTRA "During the course of shooting SIDE BY SIDE we captured a tremendous amount of material.  Most of it, of course, didn’t make it into the final film.  Keanu and the team are really happy to make some of the in-depth conversations available in this collection—serious students of filmmaking will really enjoy it."

Justin Szlasa, producer, SIDE BY SIDE EXTRA "SIDE BY SIDE has become required watching in a lot of film programs—this collection responds to that and goes deeper than what we could do in the feature doc.  For the DVDs, we took a lot of care to author the menus in a way that is very rich.  It  would allow a teacher to access exactly the clips she might want to use to support her lesson."

As you can see from the above, we think these DVDs being of great use in film schools where the extra detail will help in classes. Walter's DVD is going on our Christmas wish list too!


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