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IBC preview 2015 

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending not just the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, but we also visited the FCP EXPO event and the Supermeet.

Let us start off with IBC. We have been visiting the annual show since it was held in Brighton in a clutch of hotels. Now it fills the RAI, although Hall 7 is where the post production exhibitors book their space.

It used to be the place to go and look at shiny new tape machines and vision mixers, but now that post production can be achieved on a laptop its relevance is in question.

Sure, if you are looking on kitting out a TV station, then seeing racks of kit from different competing manufacturers in one hall is very cost efficient. 

Within seconds of being released, Grant Petty's video on all the new Blackmagic products for the show had a potential global audience of millions. We were rather more interested in the Sony BVH 2000 in the corner! But it does highlight that with the internet and social media then maybe those online around the world get the news before the crowds have even reached the stands.

We cannot embed the video due to the security settings, but you will find it here.

ibc 2015 blackmagic


A complete contrast to the show was the FCP EXPO event held a few hundred of yards away from the RAI. Focusing on Final Cut Pro X and nothing else, it provided a series of presentations during the day that visitors could dip in and out of.

First up on the Saturday and Sunday was a presentation from Apple. The content was a boiled down version of the presentations from the FCPX Creative Summit in San Jose. Although all the other presentations were recorded (and we hopefully will get the chance to post them here) because of some of the copyrighted content, Apple again didn't allow cameras in.

What we can say about the presentation was that there was no information on any upcoming features or new releases.

Highlights for us were Thomas Grove Carter's presentation where he opened up timelines from different commercials that he had made and of course Ronny Courten's walkthrough of the setup at Metronome that has documented before right here on FCP.co.

ibc 2015 fcp expo

A few FCPX folk before the FCP Expo kicks off.


So, 100% relevant, lots to learn, exhibits to look at and many great networking opportunities. We really hope that the FCP EXPO happens again next year and we urge you to attend. You won't be disappointed.


Sunday night was of course the SuperMeet. Michael Horton and Dan Bérubé always do a fantastic job of organising speakers and exhibits. 

This year the keynote speaker was Walter Murch. He was of course an interest to us as his use of FCP 3/4 on a G4 to edit Cold Mountain brought the new NLE to the attention of Hollywood.

This time he thought he would be on stage saying how great Adobe Premiere was as he's using it on the latest film he's editing. But he didn't say that. He actually spent more time talking about FCP7! We spent a long time looking at a track layout in FCP7 that must have had about 30 or 40 different audio tracks laid out below the video layers.

He did come up with a few choice quotations:

"I continued to use Final Cut 7 until it disappeared. As Ronald Reagan said about the Democratic party - I didn't leave the party, it left me. Something similar happened with Final Cut"

On his recent film Tomorrowland that was cut by him on Avid: "I was interested given how many years had passed, 11 or 12 years since I last used it, how little had changed."

"Final Cut had this thing happen to it and I wish it well! I think FCPX thanks to third party developers will get back to something that people will feel very comfortable with using professionally. I'm not quite at that place yet."

The main thing we took away from the presentation was the lack of a thumping endorsement of Premiere from Murch. He was presenting on the IBC show floor and could have eulogised for an hour. Having not been there to see it, we don't know, but from his SuperMeet talk, we think he still loves FCP7.

ibc 2015 murch

Walter Murch on stage at the SuperMeet.


So to sum up. Was it worth going to IBC? Yes, very much so. Not for the exhibition but for the FCP EXPO and Supermeet instead.


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