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One great thing about the recent FCP EXPO was the ability to talk directly with software developers in the FCPX ecosystem. We managed to get Roger Bolton from Coremelt cornered in a cubicle where he told us more about the recently released DriveX.

The last time we talked to Roger about DriveX was during the now infamous car journey from Cupertino to San Jose. So when we met up with Roger again at the FCP EXPO, he promised he would send over some more details about the new tracking plugin for Final Cut Pro X and Motion.


"DriveX is an evolution from our two previous successful mocha tracking products. With SliceX you can track masks and with TrackX you can track graphics layers.

DriveX extends that to 3D text and particles. It comes with 20 motion templates initially, which we intend to rapidly expand.

Advanced users can also edit the motion templates to link track information to their own motion templates, or ones from the internet. So you can link track data to anything in motion, 3D text, particles, a light source, a replicator, anything at all.

We’re excited to see what people will do with this and we’ll be setting up an area for people to share their own motion templates using DriveX."


We're very excited too as this $99 plugin will add some great 3D tracking in Motion. We have to admit that the built in tracker in Motion never really did a perfect job. The problem with tracking is it is the last 5% that makes it believable and the Mocha tracking engine in DriveX will certainly do that.

We hope to have a detailed user review of DriveX published here on FCP.co soon too. Until then, Coremelt has published a demonstration video and three tutorials.



How to create 3D text tracked to background motion in FCPX


How to create 3D text tracked to background motion in FCPX


Tracking 3D text in FCPX - Adding a Fly in - Fly Out Animation


How to track a magic orb particle effect in FCPX


How to track a magic orb particle effect in FCPX


Also a quick note from anybody who gets to the bottom of the page, a huge thank you to Roger from Coremelt who has supported this website on a regular basis.


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