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In the run-up to NAB, expect to see many new Final Cut Pro X plugins. One of these is the just released LUTx from CoreMelt, a $29 utility for the loading of LUTs into FCPX.

The colour grading flavour of the month for the last year or two if you can excuse us the blatant mixing of timescales has been the use of LUTs in Final Cut Pro X. Just do a search in the column on the right for LUT and you will see that there has been a lot of past interest, loaders, packs and tutorials.

Final Cut Pro X cannot accept external LUTs (Look Up Tables) without using a third party loader at the moment - but the potential is there. We have tied and tried to lever open FCPX to get our own LUTs into that Log Processing dropdown menu. We have failed every time! 

Confused what a LUT is? A LUT or Look Up Table is a matrix of numbers which when applied to an image or video, convert a set of RGB values to another set of RGB values. The change doesn't have to be linear across the values and that's where the building of special LUTs or looks becomes interesting.

So why has CoreMelt released a product when there are already plenty of LUT loaders for FCPX out there?

Roger Bolton told us: 'If we’re going to do a product that has already been done, we’re going to go in, do it better and offer something different, or we won’t bother, LUTx has the ability to really create new variations of a LUT with our luminance mix tools and mask tools , has our own custom LUT browser that lets you instantly see LUTs on your own footage, and you can apply camera and look luts in one plugin'.

Well, we have to agree and looking at the demo video it does seem to have that 'Magic Bullet' browser feel.


The first release is of LUTx has a $29 intro price with 40 Feature Looks in a collection and 16 camera LUTs.  Roger says that more LUT collections will be coming soon.



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