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accusys thunderbolt raid

At NAB 2106, there will be many interesting storage solutions on display. This will be one of them, a shared RAID of 120 TB over 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports from Accusys. 

We are convinced that Fibrechannel is dead. It was the connection of choice for fast RAIDS in shared storage systems, but times have changed. GigE and 10GigE now seem to be popular and this new unit from Accusys adds Thunderbolt 3 to the new connection topologies available. Accusys can also wear a Hollywood badge with pride as their A16S3-PS unit was the storage used during the production of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on FCPX.

Back to the new box and the A12T3-share comes equipped with four Thunderbolt 3 ports, expandable up to 8 which means for small groups this would be a very fast shared storage device. The website is quoting a total bandwidth of 2600 MB/s shared over four Thunderbolt 3 ports. The ports will run at 40 Gbps, but will be limited to most Mac's Thunderbolt 2 ports at 20 Gbps such as the Mac Pro. There is a process to bind two Thunderbolt connections together to double the speed as well. 

JBODS can be added to bring the total storage available up to a nearly a Petabyte. Clients in different areas can be connected by optical Thunderbolt such as the Corning 30 metre cables which are available on the Mac Store. However these are currently rated at 20Gbps.

“For media professionals, content creators, gamers, or anyone that works with 4K content, Thunderbolt 3 can offer a faster and simpler experience,” said Jason Ziller, Director of Thunderbolt Marketing, Intel. “By utilizing Thunderbolt 3, the latest T-share device from Accusys is able to couple high-performance with large capacity offering users a robust storage solution.”

If this sounds familiar, it should do. It was only this time last year that Accusys announced the first ever Thunderbolt shared storage solution.


The demand for reliable, high speed storage solutions in the video and post-production industry has grown exponentially with the advancements in the video and film industry,” said SuSyan Huang, VP of Sales of Accusys storage Ltd. With The T-share series, creative media professionals are able to utilize high capacity storage with Thunderbolt 3  to increase work efficiency and productivity in the evolving video production environment.”

If you are going to NAB, it might be worth swinging by the Accusys booth #SL15517 and running a Blackmagic or AJA speed test on the unit. It will be interesting to see the data transfer speeds achievable. You'll probably need a Thunderbolt 3 equipped computer too!