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3ed robots motion fcpx

If you don't visit our busy and friendly Forum, you should do, there are some very clever people pushing the software to its limits. One of them is Norb and his 3D robots.

We thought that this thread called Batteries Included was too good not to put on the front page of FCP.co. There are many people building many different 3D objects out of fonts in Motion, but this example really highlighted how flexible the 3D capabilities of the Motion/FCPX combo can be. It is also great fun!

Forum user Norb takes up the story -


It started off as a simple little experiment, and it turned out so good I decided to take it a little more seriously and actually make a package out of this :).

First little masterpiece that I'll be releasing and it will be a package of robots with tons of controls, pre-rendered animations for quick use, LITE proxy versions to animate with then switch/replace with the hi-res and render, sound effects from my library (internally made..) and I'm not sure what else yet but I should be done the package within a week or so tops.

For now I really wanted to put this out for feedback, does it suck? Is it too much? I should be making around 5 robots, should I make more/less?

Cool preview video where I interact with the robots and I timelapsed the actual robot build so turned out pretty awesome so far for my skillsets :).



If you follow Norb's thread, he posts more examples, gets lots of feedback but unfortunately you will have missed his offer of sharing the robot templates for free. They can be found for $19.99 on this site.


We are slightly impressed to say the least and we look forward to what Norb will build in the future.

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