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Have these just raised the bar for free Final Cut Pro X tutorials? Not only do you get a tutorial video, you get the project XML and all the footage & music too!

Everybody loves free, and we think these new kits & tutorials will be a hit. Shutterstock and PremiumBeat are making these tutorials, projects and all the elements available completely free. The stock & music can even be used on commercial projects. Total worth over $2,000! The downloads open as disk images and then into applications. Running the applications loads the project and media into a Library.



'Check out all 5 Editor Kits which launched with the start of the NAB Show in Las Vegas. Each Editor Kit features a robust tutorial, plus free Shutterstock video clips and music tracks so you can start experimenting with the FCP X features right away. The package also includes a Final Cut Pro XML file for simple, one-click launch of a Final Cut Pro library complete with all assets.

With amazing, time-saving features like Optical Flow, 3D Text Effects, and a suite of advanced color-correction tools — all of which are explained in this series — Final Cut Pro is a go-to solution for production companies and feature filmmakers: Both Tina Fey’s recent Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and 2015’s Focus, starring Will Smith, were edited entirely in Final Cut Pro.

All 5 Editor Kits show you how to create something amazing using Final Cut's built-in tools and effects - with Shutterstock assets as inspiration. You can access all of the downloadable kits and watch the associated tutorial videos. The kits cover a wide range topics, including'

Box Office Impact: How to Create an Action Trailer with a 3D Title

Extreme Action: Creating Speed Effects Using Optical Flow

Blockbuster Color: Creating Stylized Color Grades

Boom Goes the Dynamite: Creating Muzzle Flashes

The Perfect Storm: Creating Realistic Rain and Weather Using Blending Modes

Yes we are impressed and these tutorials & content make a great addition to the ever-growing roster of free help out there for Final Cut Pro X.


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