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automatic duck xsend motion

Where did 'Send to Motion' go when Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 were released? That's not a problem now as Automatic Duck has announced an upcoming application that will move clips from an FCPX timeline into Motion.

We used Send to Motion a lot in the FCP7 days, but have to admit that we rendered out the results rather than keeping the 'container' on the timeline. That avoided crashes. Lots of them.

But that process of getting edited clips into the graphics app has been one of the most requested features ever since FCPX's launch. 

Now Wes Plate from Automatic Duck has announced a new, not yet released application called Xsend Motion that gets that functionality back.



Although the application isn't available yet, Wes Plate will be demoing it at the FCPexchange event at NAB in Las Vegas this week.

Xsend Motion solves a problem that’s been bugging FCPX editors for a long time - a problem that hasn’t been addressed until now,” said Wes Plate, president of Automatic Duck. “Xsend Motion essentially recreates a Final Cut Pro X timeline as a Motion project, giving users a similar workflow to what they had in the Final Cut Studio days. ‘Send to Motion’ back in FCP7/Motion 4 was a powerful feature that was discontinued with FCPX and Motion 5, and we know there are a lot of artists out there that really miss this feature.”

It is bit sad that a third party has to add functionality back into the FCP/Motion combination, but we are sure that Xsend Motion will prove to be popular. Kudos to Wes.

No information on price or date of release yet.




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