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Announced whilst we were all busy with NAB, this new $49 plugin from Reelpath generates fluid simulations in Final Cut Pro X and Motion.

Ever wanted fire, smoke and liquid effects in Final Cut Pro X and Motion? This new $49 plugin from Reelpath is called Bedlam and comes preloaded with many different presets (65 in fact) to add fire, smoke, water and other fluid effects.


Tom Langmacher at Reelpath has put a lot of time into getting this plugin right. Written in fxplug, it uses Navier Stokes equations to draw the fluid simulations. It works with any video, image or title. He has put together this ten minute demo of Bedlam in action. 


It is interesting to note that the plugin is available on the Mac App Store, as are the other Reelpath products. Many people have campaigned for an FCPX store and this proves that plugin products can be made globally available via that method. 

There is a free trial for download on the website, Yosemite users are out of luck though, you will need to be running El Capitan for Bedlam.

Tom has also produced this video to show how to improve performance when using Bedlam. It does a lot of calculations to get a good looking effect, so giving it a helping hand speeds things up without losing the look.



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