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Unfortunately, being in the UK, the late timing of this event was way beyond our bedtime. No problem, the whole recording is on YouTube.

We had hoped to watch the latest virtual FCPX user group live, but the push back of the broadcast by an hour to the already late midnight off was too much for us on the east of the pond.

No problem though as Pixel Corps has made the recording available on YouTube this morning.

This episode features the normal cast and they are in a much better surrounding this time.

Sam Mestman talks about collaboration, as does Mike Matzdorff, but he has billed his contribution as 'The most awesome tip in the world' so lots to learn there about Library sharing. Mike has promised an article about his methods so stay tuned.

Steve Martin talks about dynamic linking and Mark Spencer dives into the world of 360 video.

As always, a huge thank you to Pixel Corps for holding the event and thanks to all the contributors for their very valuable tips and tricks.




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