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2016 fcpx survey

Every year Marquis Broadcast hosts a survey that centres around Final Cut Pro X. This year is no different, apart from the fact that each participant now has the opportunity of winning over $1200 worth of software products!

Why take part in a survey? Well, not only does it provide great feedback for the third party software writers, it also gives you the chance to be one of the fifteen lucky people to win a $1200 software bundle.(More than last year!)

The 17 prizes in the bundle range from the excellent Slice X from Coremelt, through 3D & camera transitions from Idustrial Revolution to the latest TweetVideo application from Arctic Whiteness. 

You don't even have to navigate to another web page, just fill in the form below. And that's really all there is to it. You have until the end of May to enter.

A big thank you to Marquis Broadcast for organising the survey.  We know they use the results to help improve X2PRO, the best way to get your audio out of Final Cut Pro X and in to ProTools. Terms and conditions are on their website.