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The Final Cut Pro X plugin market has matured since those early days of quickly built effects five years ago. We caught up with Sean Mullen from Rampant Design Tools and asked why his company's attention was now turning to FCPX.

Rampant Design Tools has always been at the forefront in providing high quality stock elements such as fire, smoke, sparks as well as animating mattes for compositing footage. These have traditionally been supplied as QuickTime files for overlay, but at NAB, Rampant went one stage further and incorporated them into plugins built especially for Final Cut Pro X editors.

They have released a range of plugins including mattes, film leaks, flashes and glitches - all in eight packs of plugins selling for $29 each.

 Here is the demo video from their Style Mattes X pack.


We were curious what triggered Rampant's attention to turn to FCPX, so very kindly they answered our questions:

FCP.co:  How did Rampant start?

Rampant: Sean worked in Hollywood for over 15 years. He has more than 60 feature film and television credits and over 400 music video credits. His mentors worked on the original Star Wars films. They taught him everything he knows about practical and optical effects.

Back then Sean had a private library of practical effects that he shot on film and telecined to Digibeta, eventually digitized to quicktimes and stored on a series of drives. His network promo friends and episodic editor friends were constantly borrowing the tapes and drives.

It got to the point where there was a waiting list for the drives. So that’s basically how Rampant was born. If the effects were good enough for Hollywood, maybe there was a need across the entire industry. Sean started putting effects online to see what would happen and flash forward to today where Rampant has over 70 products and customers worldwide.

FCP.co  How have things progressed- Such as format sizes etc

Rampant: When we first started the company we released everything in HD, delivering as downloads on DVD. In 2013 we decided to do something different and change things up. Our Hollywood connections wanted higher resolutions, so we decided to start delivering in 5K. By doing so we were also able to deliver in 2K and 4K. We then abandoned DVDs and switched to shipping on hard drives.

FCP.co  What was the trigger for specific FCPX products?

Rampant: Our products have worked with FCPX since day one. We’re Quicktime based and ProRes files FLY in FCPX. For years and years now we’ve been inundated with requests from Editors and Vendors to create FCPX specific products. After so many calls and emails, Stefanie (The other half of Rampant) decided she was going to do something about it. So we decided to release for NAB and see what the results would be.

FCP.co Is the FCPX customer different?

Rampant: 100%. FCPX allows you to work differently and more efficiently. Our FCPX users range from newer editors to 20 year veterans. Because FCPX allows you to work differently our FCPX customers want our products delivered to them in different fashion. By making our Style Effects available as FCPX plugins our customers get the best of both worlds. They get the quality of Rampant effects combined with the power of FCPX.

FCP.co What are the new products?

Rampant: Our initial release is eight FCPX products. We launched with Film Effects, Light Leaks, Flash Transitions, Style Mattes and Glitch Transitions. This is just the beginning.

FCP.co Are there more FCPX products coming?

Rampant: Absolutely. This was our initial POC and push for NAB. We wanted to see if all of the customers who were asking for FCPX products would actually buy them. The response has been overwhelming. We have over 100 plugins in various stages of development. We’re about to release many more over the summer. We’re just getting started.




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