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With the big increase in people posting on social media, it is inevitable that editors are going to have to reproduce posts and pages on screen. The new XEffects Social Media plugins for Final Cut Pro X make this task a lot easier.

It doesn't matter if you are a broadcast editor or videographer, there will come a time when you'll be asked to duplicate a post or social media page on screen. This new pack of social media templates from Idustrial Revolution have been designed to take the pain out of putting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube posts onto video.

Priced at $49 (on special offer, reduced from the normal price of $99) XEffects Social Media consists of two sets of plugin types for FCPX. The first are a set of single posts, ideal if you just want to get a Tweet on a video for example. 

The second set are more complex and build up to form whole pages. By using the 3D plugin included, the pages can be positioned and rotated in 3D space. You can also add depth of field if you wish.




  • - Emulate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube single posts and webpages in FCPX.
  • - Use images or videos in posts.
  • - Customise avatars and all text onscreen.
  • - Built-in counters automatically increment likes, follows & loops.
  • - Choose animation method for single posts.
  • - Position posts or webpages in 3D space with depth of field using 3D Perspective Pro plugin
  • - All elements are built with vectors- zoom into the GUI as close as you like
  • - Pin sharp results even in 4K timelines.

The plugin is distributed on the FxFactory plugin management system which means there is a free watermarked trial. There is also a tutorial video showing Xeffects Social Media working in FCPX.



We're aware that FB comments are in black and unreadable.
We are working on a fix!