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2016 FCPX creative summit banner


The 2015 FCPX Creative Summit in San Jose last year was a great event. We are very pleased to announce that in conjunction with Future Media Concepts we are able again to offer one lucky FCP.co reader a free pass to the event. All you have to do is Tweet!

Ask anybody who attended last year and we are sure you'll get the same reply - It was well with going. NAB is good, but this is an event that is dedicated to Final Cut Pro X and last year was a real who's who of interesting and important people in the FCPX ecosystem.

Randy Ubillos second left. Photo courtesy of @fxfactory.


Our highlights? Maybe it was meeting Randy Ubillos, the father of FCP, Premiere and now FCPX. Or it could be the now legendary car ride back from Apple to the hotel with Roger Bolton driving?

Or maybe it was being taken inside of Vallco Parkway, Apple's home of FCPX for a briefing from the development team. It was all good, and the networking was probably the best thing, meeting and listening to like-minded FCPX editors.



So once again, not only will we be attending (see below), we have the pleasure of offering the chance to win a pass for the 2016 FCPX Creative Summit. This time the summit will be held in Cupertino and it runs from the 27th to the 30th of October. 

All the details are here on the FCPX Creative Summit website, along with the terms and conditions. 



Many congratulations to the winner picked at random from all the tweets-

Bill Tsolakidis @harmaproduction


If you win, you'll get a free pass for the duration so you can sit in as many presentations as you like from leading industry experts such as Steve Martin, Jeff Greenberg, Philip Hodgetts and FCP.co's very own editor - Peter Wiggins.

Yes the lovely people at FMC have convinced him to talk about using FCPX in a high pressure, quick turnaround environment. That presentation is scheduled for 2:30 pm on Sunday the 30th.  Put it in your diary and have the questions ready!







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