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boris gen arts IBC2016

At one point, Sapphire plugins from GenArts were the expensive, but 'must have' set of tools for high end editing and compositing suites. The company has just been acquired by Boris FX, so we rushed over to the booth at IBC Hall 7 to talk to the man himself Boris Yamnitsky.

It was only a couple of months ago we predicted that some of the big plugin developers would have to try harder to survive in a very competitive market place.

We didn't realise that we had come so close to the acquisition of GenArts by BorisFX.

On the show floor we talked to founder Boris Yamnitsky who was delighted that Sapphire's range of plugins would now come under the Boris FX umbrella.

He said his goal was to put together a set of technology that offered the user an unmatched creative set of tools. This was also behind his recent decision to buy UK based Imagineer Systems who developed the popular Mocha tracker.

So what would happen to Sapphire users post takeover? Nothing, Boris said, although he suggested that being part of a larger company would ease purchasing and licensing problems.

Where do we see this going?

The first obvious step would be to incorporate Mocha tracking into Sapphire. Boris remarked that the incorporation of Mocha into his existing Continuum set of plugins had led to a 60% sales increase.

We can also see a possible price reduction. Do people really pay $1600 for a set of plugins these days? We think not.

We would also like to think that Boris will make Sapphire available for FCPX users. He didn't say no to the idea, but suggested that the average FCPX user wasn't their target market. Possibly, but as Boris remarked 'good business is being in a growing market' - that perfectly describes Final Cut Pro X and its ecosystem.

One to watch for the future.


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